Change Food Statement

Since the advent of the Good Food Movement, nutrition, health, food safety and environmental advocates have made great strides to raise public awareness and evolve food industry practices.

While we celebrate these successes today, we recognize that more work must be done to ensure the progress of this movement remains in alignment with our goals for the simple reason that everyone has the right to healthy, safe, sustainable and delicious food.

We further recognize that the only way we are going to change the food system is to do so together – collaboration, maximizing our best talents, skills and voices.

Money and profit serve a purpose, but greed at the expense of others is unacceptable. Technology can be a means to the answer, but technology, itself, is not the answer.

People are the answer. People are the foundation for all our success. We are all in this together. We must invest in and support the infrastructure of our communities, and we must do so with respect; each of us has a talent and skill to bring to the table. We are committed to helping others. And we ask you to join us.

Please sign our statement affirming your commitment toward ensuring access to good food for all people.

Our goal is to build bridges within the movement. It is only by working together that we will Change Food.


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