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The Change Food Video Library consists of the best short-length videos covering both problems and solutions to food and farming today. Find out more about the video library, or learn how to host your own screening. Want us to consider your video for the library? Email us at

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  • Great Tomatoes for All! – Michel Nischan


    Chef, restaurateur, award-winning cookbook author, Wholesome Wave CEO and leader in the sustainable food movement, Michel Nischan discusses food deserts and solutions to make healthy choice possible. How can we energize the superheroes in the communities that need them most? … Read More

  • Windowfarms: Research and Do it Yourself – Britta Riley


    Artist and innovator, Britta Riley, explains R&D-I-Y. Using social media and mass participation, the community has researched and developed her unique approach to growing food in small urban apartments using a window, plastic bottles and some plants. Join in: research and develop it yourself. Read More

  • Being a Family Farmer – Cheryl Rogowski


    Cheryl Rogowski is a family farmer and a McArthur Genius Award winner. Watch her moving talk about sustainable farming from a farmer’s point of view. Read More

  • Campaigning Against Hunger – Melony Samuels


    Dr. Melony Samuels is the Founder and Director of the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger. She not only helps provide food to low-income families in Brooklyn, she’s started an urban farm to help residents get the healthiest, freshest food possible. Read More

  • Money’s Many Shades of Green – Elizabeth Ü


    When we think about all the work that has to be done to shift the food system, one very important part is finding ways to finance food entrepreneurs. Here to tell us more about it is the Founder and Executive Director of Finance for Food, Elizabeth Ü. Read More

  • Building a Slow Food Nation – Josh Viertel


    Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA, dreams of a world where fruit is cheaper than fruit loops and there are more school gardens than McDonald’s has franchises. Read More