What is your vision for the Food System? – Diane Hatz

Change Food

My vision for the food system is that one day, hopefully in not the too distant future, everyone will have access to healthy food. That food will be considered a right just as water and air are a right, and that people will not be starving. I know that’s idealistic, and I know people might say that I’m a dreamer… who thought the Berlin wall would ever come down? Whoever thought that Nelson Mandela would ever get out of prison? I mean, there are huge massive shifts in consciousness that have happened on the planet, and I believe that there are a growing number of people who understand and know that everyone should have the right to healthy, sustainable, quality, delicious food.

  • Diane Hatz

    Founder & Executive Director Change Food

    Diane Hatz is a social entrepreneur working to create a more healthful, sustainable, equitable world, with a strong focus on food and farming.   … Read More