Change Food Fest 2017



Food for Thought: How can we have a local, good food movement if we don’t have any small, family farms left??

The Change Food Fest is an outgrowth of five very successful TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” events. This multi-faceted, two-day event was launched in 2016 in recognition of the increased scale, scope and pace of the food movement.  

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The goals of the Change Food Fest are to:

  • Connect people within the food space, both for profits and nonprofits, in an effort to build synergy and collaboration as we solve serious issues with food and farming. Change Food works to bridge divides, such as the rural/urban divide and the food movement/food tech division
  • Provide a public platform for individuals, companies and organizations who are doing successful work but not necessarily receiving the attention and support they need
  • Through live viewing parties, build energy, momentum and connections in local communities
  • Develop additional resources for the Change Food Video Library through professionally filming the TED-like talks and Quickbites short clips

The second Change Food Fest will take place Sept. 15-17, 2017, on Empire Farm in Copake, NY. The focus will be on dairy. The 2- to 3-day event will help bridge the rural and urban divide with respect to dairy by bringing together small-scale dairy producers with urban companies and programs that use dairy ingredients or work on issues related to dairy.

The Fest will feature:

  • TED-like talks from key influencers in the dairy sector.
  • Interactive and engaging panels, discussions and/or workshops to help break down barriers between rural producers and urban companies and consumers
  • Activities and experiences such as tours of local farms and food establishments
  • A on-site farm dinner
  • Panels and talks webcast live through Change Food’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Live
  • Registered viewing parties to watch the live webcast, with a goal of at least 100 satellite events around the U.S.
  • Sam FromartzChange Food Fest talks are professionally filmed and permanently housed in the Change Food Video Library where they are heavily marketed for at least a year


Small dairy farmers are in crisis, and the situation is only getting worse.  Dairy prices are abysmal; commodity prices are equally as bad; and rural America has been suffering terribly.  For the most part, rural America has not benefited from the success of the local food movement.

In order for small dairy farmers to survive, and in order to bridge and heal the divide between rural and urban, we need to come together, connect and share our experiences.  We need to shine a light on the successes, highlight realistic solutions, and find ways to support each other – and find solutions together.

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