Facing Factory Farms Salon

Kendra Kimbirauskas at TEDxManhattan

Kendra Kimbirauskas at TEDxManhattan

On June 16th, 2015, Change Food reunited with TEDxManhattan 2015 speakers Michele Merkel of Food & Water Justice and Kendra Kimbirauskas of the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project in New York City to host the Facing Factory Farms Salon. Joined by a diverse group of attendees, we sought to accomplish three goals:

  1. Generate actionable ideas on how to fight the growing presence of factory farming in the U.S.
  2. Discuss how to involve urban residents and students in fighting factory farming and other food issues.
  3. Use this Salon as a template for other interested individuals to create their own event around a food issue.

After showing Kendra and Michele’s talks, each speaker gave a brief update on their work followed by an open forum with the speakers and the audience. Check out our full blog post here


Michele Merkel at TEDxManhattan

Michele Merkel at TEDxManhattan

A special thank you to our amazing sponsors, Farm to People, Clean Plates, Sohha Yogurt, Slant Shack Jerky, Alter Eco and to our Change Food Agents for making the Salon possible!

See all photos from the event here.

  • Don’t Let the Good Food Movement Become Only Feel Good – Kendra Kimbirauskas

    Kendra Kimbirauskas discusses the problems with factory farms or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). More than ever, we are experiencing unprecedented growth of factory farms in rural communities, even though consumers are more educated. Despite all of the good work of the Good Food movement, factory farms continue to expand across the United States.  Kendra discusses the numerous factors leading to this growth, including money in politics, international trade deals and misleading marketing. She urges the food movement to move past greenwashing and superficial change to discover the … Read More

  • Using the Legal System to Fight Factory Farms – Michele Merkel

    Former EPA attorney and current Food & Justice lawyer Michele Merkel discusses how she went from working with the EPA to hold factory farms accountable to suing the EPA for not their job to protect people and the environment from problems caused by these industrial complexes. Read More