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Food is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission

Change Food aggregates the best of the best already working toward healthy food change, amplifies their voices through events and programs, and advances the work and the goal of the food movement – to provide healthy, safe, fair, delicious food for ALL.

Our Work

We see divides growing within the food movement that need to be bridged, resources potentially not being allocated effectively, and local talent and skills being underutilized.  And we are frustrated – with the industrial food system, with some aspects of the food movement itself, and even with some facets of the funder and philanthropic system. It’s time for more CHANGE. 

We must expand the food movement beyond the small demographic it currently serves and create a healthy food system for ALL.  And we must support those most qualified to reach families and individuals in all parts of the country – we must help amplify the work of grassroots community changemakers who are underfunded, underrepresented and undervalued.

This is why Change Food is so crucial to the future of local, healthy food. We are revolutionizing food and farming, from the ground up, by aggregating the best groups and individuals creating real change, amplifying their work, and advancing the solutions they have created.


Founded in 2013, Change Food aggregates, amplifies and advances the people, programs and ideas that are successfully transforming our unjust, unhealthy food system.  We aggregate the best of the best already working toward healthy food change, amplify their voices through our events and programs, and advance their work and the goal of the food movement – to provide healthy, safe, fair, delicious food for ALL.

Our six groundbreaking TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” events and Change Food Fest are a prime example of the work we do, impacting over 8 million people.  We’ve received well over 600 million media impressions and hundreds of articles, hosted over 100 speakers, and helped organize hundreds of live viewing parties around the world to watch our events, in over 37 states and at least 14 countries.  Our next Change Food Fest is scheduled for October 24 in Asheville, North Carolina.

Our model is that of WE – Working with and Empowering other groups and leaders who are creating lasting, positive food change from the ground up.  We have developed an internal vetting system and are building a network of principled groups, companies and people.

How We Do It

Our current primary mechanisms for change are:

  • Change Food Meets

Local events that create networking opportunities in communities around the country. Speakers from these events are filmed and promoted through Change Food’s channels and are considered for the Change Food Fest stage and the Eating Real with Change Food video show. Change Food Meets are targeted to those working in food and the food movement.   More….

  • Eating Real with Change Food

In development is a 30-50 minute weekly YouTube video show (and podcast) that highlights important news, discusses and offers solutions to issues, raises questions and debate, and provides a public platform for the groups Change Food identifies as being the real changemakers in food. The show is of interest to both the food movement and consumers interested in food.   More…. 

  • Change Food Fest

An outgrowth of TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat”, Change Food Fests are large, national events outside the usual food areas that provide food leaders a public platform to a national – and growing international – audience. Professionally filmed talks are housed and promoted through Change Food’s Video Library and Eating Real Video Show. The Fest is targeted toward the public yet is also an opportunity for the food movement to connect.  More…

  • Change Food Video Library

The Change Food Video Library is an aggregation of the best of the best short length talks on food and farming so individuals can learn about problems and solutions with food and farming as well as a resource for local communities who want to put on their own events to raise awareness in their area.   More…

Goals of Change Food:

  • Bringing more national exposure to the successful work of individuals, organizations and companies working toward a fair, healthy food system – with a focus on qualified, yet underrepresented, people and groups in the U.S.
  • Provide opportunities and resources so grassroots and community nonprofits can provide livable wages and receive adequate program support in order to ensure success.
  • Build community by facilitating networking and collaboration within local communities and across different parts of the food movement in order to help build momentum to create positive, inclusive change
  • Remain a leading force in the food movement with respect to community building (aggregating) and elevating the profile of organizations and groups not getting enough attention (amplifying), in order to create measurable change toward a healthier food system for all (advancing)
  • Help lessen consumer confusion around healthy food and farming


Other Change Food Work: 


Change Food is the founding organization of Women in Food Farming and Food Tech (WiFFFT), a professional association for women in all aspects of food and farming in order to support each other’s work.


AgArts imagines and promotes healthy food systems through the arts. Change Food is a supporter of AgArts and founder Diane Hatz is also co-founder and President of the Board of Directors.

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