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Food is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission

Change Food is a grassroots movement creating a healthy, equitable food system from the ground up.  For everyone.

Our Work

Change Food raises awareness, educates, and provides a larger platform and more exposure for key individuals, organizations and companies working to build a healthy, safe, delicious, fair food system. Change Food is fuel that helps create the fire of the movement. No fuel; no fire.

Change Food is a connector. Through conferences, events and special projects, Change Food develops partnerships and collaborations and also brings together disparate parts of the food movement and food system in order to strengthen and broaden success toward our goal of a healthy food system for all.

Change Food is a resource generator. We believe long-term, successful change starts at the community level. Change Food works to provide resources and opportunities to individuals and groups in communities around the U.S. and increasingly world so these institutions can successfully achieve their goals.  

Goals of Change Food:

  • Help build a healthy, equitable, safe, delicious food system for all.
  • Provide various marketing and event platforms for individuals and groups to share successful work.
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration across different parts of the food movement to help build momentum to create positive, inclusive change for all.
  • Provide non-monetary resources to groups working toward positive change in their local community.
  • Broaden exposure and impact of successful work of organizations and companies working toward a fair, healthy food system.
  • Build a community of passionate people and help find and support tomorrow’s leaders.

How We Do It

  • Change Food Events – Change Food events highlight critical issues and both elevate and introduce leaders in food and farming. Events also build bridges, facilitate networking and further the success of groups working toward and equitable, safe, healthy food system. Talks are professionally filmed and housed in the Change Food Video Library.
  • Change Food Video Library – The Change Food Video Library houses all videos from Change Food events, along with supplementary resources. This content is marketed to connectors across the country and, increasingly, around the world, allowing anyone anywhere to put on a local event to create change in their community. It is also an educational platform for interested consumers.
  • Eating Real with Change Food – In November 2017, we launched “Eating Real with Change Food”, a YouTube series focusing on Change Food’s monthly focus with a series of interviews, conversations, debates and discussions.  Join Diane, Emma and/or Change Food colleagues for thought provoking information you need to know.  We even host Instagram Live talks to go more in depth and to behind the scenes at Change Food.
  • AgArts – AgArts imagines and promotes healthy food systems through the arts. Change Food is a supporter of AgArts and founder Diane Hatz is also co-founder of the effort to highlight the food system through art. 
  • WiFFFT – Change Food is the founding organization of Women in Food Farming and Food Tech (WiFFFT), a professional association for women in all aspects of food and farming in order to support each other’s work.

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