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Connect – Collaborate – Transform

Farmer holding green onions bunched at Mountain Sweet Berry Farm in Roscoe, NY.

Mountain Sweet Berry Farm in Roscoe, NY.

Our Mission

Change Food is a grassroots movement creating a healthy, equitable food system.  

We provide various levels of support to forward-thinking food companies and organizations that are not getting sufficient attention for creating real, replicable change.  In addition, through conferences, events and special projects, Change Food raises public awareness and connects various parts of the food movement.

How this is done:

  • Capital.  Change Food provides grants for organizations that are not getting needed support and are creating real, replicable change.  We also work with foundations/philanthropists that are looking to grant funding in the food space and are looking for effective, grassroots programs with potential for huge impact.
  • Consulting.  Change Food offers strategy, marketing and advisory services to forward-thinking food companies — from nonprofits to family foundations, and from startups to select Fortune 500 companies.
  • Community.  Change Food hosts public events such as the Change Food Fest and smaller Change Food dinners to connect and build community both within and between the for-profit and nonprofit food movement.

Goals of Change Food:

  • Help build a healthy, equitable food system from the ground up.
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration within all aspects of the food movement, including for profit and nonprofit areas and the rural/urban divide. 
  • Broaden exposure and impact of the work of successful organizations and companies already in existence through marketing and special events.

Change Food Projects:

  • Change Food Center is a hub for marketing and advisory services. Change Food works with underfunded nonprofits to help market their programs more successfully.  This includes the Change Food Fund, which provides grants to smaller nonprofits who are creating replicable change and are in need of financial  support.  In addition, we work to help direct philanthropic money into select programs in the U.S.  We advise for-profit food companies for a fee.  No money is ever granted or invested in a for-profit or start up.
  • Change Food Fest is a thought-provoking, TED-like event to promote critical issues and elevate leaders in the food movement. The event also builds bridges, facilitates networking and furthers the success of groups already working for food system change.  All talks are professionally filmed and housed in the Change Food Video Library.
  • Video Library houses all videos from Change Food events, along with supplementary resources. This content is marketed to connectors across the country and, increasingly, around the world, allowing anyone anywhere to put on a local event to create change in their community.
  • Community Dinners are held around the country as a way to glean feedback on work being done, as well as to ascertain new issues that need to be addressed/solved.  They are also tools to build community.

Change Food is headed by founder and executive director Diane Hatz.  Hatz brings with her 20 years of experience in the food movement, including her previous positions as the founder/organizer of TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat,” executive producer of The Meatrix movies, founder and director of Sustainable Table, and founder and director of the Eat Well Guide.

“I believe we already have the solutions to our problems with food,” says Hatz.  “We need to find and promote the people and programs that are already making a difference while mentoring the new generation of passionate individuals who will be tomorrow’s leaders.”

Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/changefood or follow Change Food through Twitter and Instagram @changeourfood.

Photo by Horseman Trail Farm

Photo by Horseman Trail Farm