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Food is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission

Change Food works to create a world in which everyone can eat and enjoy healthy, safe, delicious, fair food.

Our Work

Change Food helps individuals change the way they eat. We do this by raising public awareness, educating consumers and motivating positive behavior change.  We organize and host events as well as provide tools and resources so anyone anywhere can create healthy change in their local community.  Change Food believes that effective learning and lasting behavior change starts from the ground up, within a community.

Change Food builds community. Change Food connects consumers with their food and the people working to produce it. We also work to bring together individuals and groups within the food movement to help push the movement forward in a positive direction.  

In 2018, Change Food will focus its efforts in four areas:

  • Food transparency – sourcing, labeling, local being local, etc
  • Food and Health, including Food as Medicine
  • Hunger – In the 21st century, no one should be hungry. No one.
  • Food Waste – 40% of food is wasted. Why?

Goals of Change Food:

  • To ensure healthy, safe, delicious, fair food is available to everyone.
  • Build a community of passionate people who want to change food.
  • Educate and raise public awareness around Change Food’s focuses.
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration across different parts of the food movement to help build momentum to create positive, inclusive change.
  • Broaden exposure and impact of successful work of individuals, organizations and companies working toward a fair, healthy food system.

How We Do It

Change Food currently has the following programs:

  • Change Food Video Library
  • Change Food In Focus
  • Change Food Meets…
  • “Eating Real with Change Food” YouTube video show
  • WiFFFT (Women in Food Farming and Food Tech)
  • AgArts


Change Food Video Library

The Change Food Video Library houses all videos from Change Food events, along with supplementary resources. This content is marketed to connectors across the country and, increasingly, around the world, allowing anyone anywhere to put on a local event to create change in their community. It is also an educational platform for interested consumers. In 2018, we will be updating the library and resources that go along with it, and hopefully undertaking a library redesign to make it easier to access.

Change Food In Focus

The food movement has made great strides in building advocates – people and groups who are working to create change in their local community.  Large organizations now focus on particular aspects of food also. But the movement is still lacking in social media marketing – getting issues out through various social media channels to reach the unconverted and curious. Consumers are still confused. And the movement isn’t even sure who is working on what issue. Change Food will clear up this confusion.

We have selected four areas of focus for at least one year, perhaps more, specifically:

  • Food transparency
  • Food and health, including food as medicine
  • Hunger
  • Food waste

We will not recreate the wheel.  We are researching the best of the best in these areas – the best research, key experts and groups, accurate information, and policies being changed or created not just in the U.S. but also other countries.

This information will be aggregated and will be used in the following ways:

  • A multi-part video series will be created for each issue. These simple videos (created on an iPhone) will be disseminated through all Change Food social media and through partnerships we will develop
  • Infographics – simple, informative infographics will be made for consumers
  • Eating Real shows – this information will be the basis for shows
  • Blog posts – we will write blog posts based on information gathered
  • Social Media – we will educate consumers directly through social media, with the goal of having information go viral

Change Food Meets…

Change Food is creating several events, from community gatherings/meals to larger farm dinners on or near a farm, as well as one large event, continuing in the Change Food Fest tradition.

The get togethers consist of:

  • Change Food Meets… – community gatherings to help build the Change Food community
  • Change Food Farm Dinner – celebratory meals to share successes, educate attendees about selected food issues, and highlight key groups/individuals
  • Change Food Fest – TED-like event that brings together the best of the best in food

The goals of these gatherings are to:

  • Build community among people interested or working in the food space
  • Build community with consumers and food producers
  • Provide a platform to those in the food movement who are creating real change but who are not getting enough attention
  • Build a large, passionate network of people who can help create real change in their communities

These events will begin in NYC and Northern California and eventually be replicated around the country.  This is all in an effort to build a solid base as we can expand to areas between the two coasts. 


“Eating Real with Change Food” YouTube video show

In November 2017, we launched “Eating Real with Change Food”, a YouTube series focusing on important issues as well as Change Food’s work with a series of talks, interviews, conversations, debates and discussions. Join Diane and/or Change Food colleagues for thought provoking information you need to know.  Instagram Live and Facebook Live are also used as part of Eating Real.


Change Food is the founding organization of Women in Food Farming and Food Tech (WiFFFT), a professional association for women in all aspects of food and farming in order to support each other’s work.


AgArts imagines and promotes healthy food systems through the arts. Change Food is a supporter of AgArts and founder Diane Hatz is also co-founder of the effort to highlight the food system through art. 

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