Carly Brand

Carly Brand

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Carly is on the Social Media Team for Change Food Fest.

Carly declares Change Food Fest the materialization of her optimistic vision for our future food systems, where the belief in healthy, slow food roots people from all walks of life into a common ground. On the Change Food Fest team, Carly is connecting supporters and expanding the social media presence.

Also on Carly’s plate is her self-designed BS in Sustainable Urban Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This semester will see her co-facilitate a project-based class called the Real Food Practicum, co-chair the Food Systems Working Group, combat campus food waste with The Food Recovery Network, and set some sort of record for Most Psyched About New Local Foods in the Dining Commons. Her inspiration stems from months of agricultural work in South America, where she hopes to return this spring to study and volunteer at a center for malnourished infants.

Contact if you’re also zooming in on the intersection of nutrition, integrative medicine, green space and underserved communities!