Our Team

  • Diane Hatz

    Founder & Executive Director, Change Food

    Diane Hatz is a nonprofit social entrepreneur who educates and raises awareness about food and farming. As Founder/Executive Director of … Read More

  • Brendan Van Meter

    Founder & Filmmaker, Beaconhouse Media LLC

    Brendan Van Meter has been the Video Producer & Director for Change Food and Change Food Fest since 2010. A lifelong filmmaker, he started making films at … Read More

  • Andrea Abbate

    Writing & Social Media Coordinator, Change Food

    Andrea Abbate is a graduate of Emory University with a degree in English and Sociology. She is passionate about combining her interests in food, the … Read More

  • Carly Brand

    Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Carly is on the Social Media Team for Change Food Fest. Carly declares Change Food Fest the materialization of her optimistic vision for … Read More

  • Anne-Laure Bajeux

    Marketing Coordinator, Change Food

    Anne-Laure is a food and agriculture engineer who works as marketing manager in the food sector. Born and raised in a farm specialized in potato … Read More

  • Elisa Decastro

    Coordinator, Change Food

    Elisa is a graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in Business Management. She hopes to one day own her own farm. She currently resides … Read More

  • Emma Rayner

    Social Media & Writing Coordinator, Change Food

    Emma graduated from UNH ’16 with a degree in EcoGastronomy and English. She is currently living in NYC as a consultant for a food tech … Read More

  • Amy Vu

    Graphic Design Coordinator, Change Food

    Amy is a Registered Dietitian finishing her master’s at CUNY School of Public Health. She is interested in combining her experience in visual design to … Read More

  • Priya Barua

    Marketing Coordinator, Change Food

    Priya is excited to join the Change Food team to assist with blogging and social media. Originally from the Midwest, Priya currently lives in New … Read More