Our Team

  • Diane Hatz

    Founder & Executive Director, Change Food

    Diane Hatz is a creative marketing expert and events innovator who raises public awareness about problems and solutions with food and farming while activating individuals … Read More

  • Brendan Van Meter

    Founder & Filmmaker, Beaconhouse Media LLC

    Brendan Van Meter has been the Video Producer & Director for Change Food and Change Food Fest since 2010. A lifelong filmmaker, he started making films at … Read More

  • Anne-Laure Bajeux

    Marketing Coordinator, Change Food

    Anne-Laure is a food and agriculture engineer who works as marketing manager in the food sector. Born and raised in a farm specialized in potato … Read More

  • Carly Brand

    Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Carly is on the Social Media Team for Change Food Fest. Carly declares Change Food Fest the materialization of her optimistic vision for … Read More

  • Sara Clark

    Writing and Research Coordinator, Change Food

    Sara Clark is an organic farmer and full-time graduate student living in Richmond, VA. She currently works as Harvest Manager for Broadfork Farm, a small-scale, … Read More

  • Danielle Cohen

    Writing and Research Coordinator, Change Food

    Danielle is a public health professional with a passion to help change the current food system. An early interest in food and health led her … Read More

  • Gina Kim

    Marketing Coordinator, Change Food

    Gina joins as a volunteer for the Change Food team with great enthusiasm to learn more about and execute social media strategies to help Change … Read More

  • Max Nyquist

    Writing & Research Coordinator, Change Food

    After earning his Master’s in Biology from Clark University, he worked with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. He would like … Read More

  • Andrea Stacy Oran

    Marketing Coordinator, Change Food

    Andrea is a current student at Columbia Business School pursuing her MBA. A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and The Culinary Institute … Read More

  • Laura Rasay Siasoco

    Research and Writing Coordinator, Change Food

    Laura is a preclinical bioanalytical chemist with a lifelong passion for food and the environment. As an advocate for the progression of a sustainable food … Read More