Our Team

  • Diane Hatz

    Founder & Executive Director, Change Food

    Diane Hatz is a nonprofit social entrepreneur who educates and raises awareness about food and farming. As Founder/Executive Director of … Read More

  • Brendan Van Meter

    Founder & Filmmaker, Beaconhouse Media LLC

    Brendan Van Meter has been the Video Producer & Director for Change Food and Change Food Fest since 2010. A lifelong filmmaker, he started making films at … Read More

  • Carly Brand

    Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    Carly is on the Social Media Team for Change Food Fest. Carly declares Change Food Fest the materialization of her optimistic vision for … Read More

  • Sara Scheidlinger

    Blogger, Change Food

    Sara Scheidlinger is currently completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Queens College in New York City. She hopes to become … Read More

  • Emma Rayner

    Social Media & Writing Coordinator, Change Food

    Emma graduated from UNH ’16 with a degree in EcoGastronomy and English. She is currently living in NYC as a consultant for a food tech … Read More

  • Amy Vu

    Graphic Design Coordinator, Change Food

    Amy is a Registered Dietitian finishing her master’s at CUNY School of Public Health. She is interested in combining her experience in visual design to … Read More