Change Food Center

The Change Food Center is a virtual space brought to you by Change Food.  It consists of:

  • Advisory Services
  • Marketing Assistance

$4.6 billion was invested in food technology and food startups in 2015.  That money did not trickle down to successful community nonprofits working in food deserts and underserved areas.  In addition, as the food movement grows and larger organizations develop programs around food and farming, smaller, on-the-ground groups are not getting the funding and attention they need to be as successful as they could.  And these grassroots groups have the greatest potential of long-term success in their community.

Change Food provides its expertise to grassroots groups that work in underserved areas or that are not getting the support they need. We have already identified partners who will collaborate with us during this startup period:

  • Green Bronx Machine (South Bronx, NYC) – Working to grow healthy food and healthy children in the South Bronx. Their National Health, Wellness and Learning Center is based in PS55. Through their work, the school’s passing rate has increased 45% and behavioral incidents and out-of-class time have decreased 50%.
  • Harlem Grown (Harlem, NYC) – Inspires youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. Operates several urban farms in Harlem.
  • A Growing Culture (Africa, based in NY, NY) – They work to protect the rights of farmers so they can shape their own food system.  Focus is in Africa.

Groups such as these are not only feeding people, they are empowering future leaders and giving young people in underserved areas a chance at success.  Our program will help these local groups promote and market their programs to a wider audience so they can continue growing food in food impoverished areas and continue to educate youth and grow healthy communities.  These groups are too small to afford their own marketing departments/divisions, so Change Food is looking to spread its expertise among various deserving groups in underserved areas.

Change Food believes real change comes from within and that local communities already have the answers to their problems, so we work with people already living in local communities.  We collaborate, support and work with local organizations who are already successful but lack either the resources or expertise with developing, implementing, expanding and/or promoting their efforts.

The Change Food Center includes various services, tailored to the unique needs of each program – including:

  • Organization evaluation – A full assessment of the organization will help determine strengths, weaknesses and where Change Food can be most beneficial
  • Replicating programs – Change Food can assist with creating program templates that could be implemented in other parts of the country and/or world
  • Working to connect local, grassroots organizations around the United States to help foster collaboration, resource pooling and synergy
  • Assist in developing programs that would benefit local communities nationwide
  • Creating and/or helping implement marketing plans to promote programs and projects underway or being launched
  • Develop or fine tune educational materials and resources
  • Social media – Help create and/or build accounts and grow membership
  • Blogs and blog writing – Assist with writing blog posts and/or creating articles that could be posted on other blogs

Change Food believes in a collaborative business model and understands that through working together, organizations achieve much more success than by working alone.