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Change Food® works toward a healthier food system for people, animals & the planet. We work to build community and discover or create solutions through experiences, events and special projects.

How to Start a Community Fridge

Get Change Food’s free, step-by-step manual for anyone interested in launching and maintaining a community fridge. Inspired by author Diane Hatz’s efforts and experience co-founding and running the East Village Neighbors Fridge in New York City. 

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  • Public Planting

    What is Public Planting? Public planting is simply planting food in public spaces that anyone can harvest for free. Edible plants are grown on sidewalks, in front yards, in [...]

  • Build Soil Health

    At first glance, the ground beneath our feet may appear to be just dirt, devoid of life. This may be true in some cases due to the past 50 years of intensive agriculture [...]

  • Improve Quality of Life

    The link between green spaces and health has been shown time and time again, with increased access to and time spent in green spaces leading to improved mental and general [...]

  • Community Gardens

    A community garden is simply a plot of land gardened by a group of people. Utilizing either a public or private space, these gardens grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and/or [...]

  • Build Community

    Loneliness is a public health crisis of epidemic proportions in developed countries like the U.K., U.S., Germany, Australia and Japan.  According to global healthcare [...]

  • Public Health Crisis

    The planet is facing a global health crisis, with over-processed junk food and/or lack of access to healthy food contributing to an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, [...]

  • Reduce Food Insecurity

    According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, over 820 million people do not have enough to eat.  In 2018, one out of every 9 Americans in the U.S. [...]

  • Combat Climate Change

    Today’s food system creates over 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions, a huge contributor to climate change.  The majority of these emissions come from animal [...]