Adventure, Sunday November 13th

The Museum of Food and DrinkMOFAD (MOFAD) is creating the world’s first large-scale museum with exhibits you can eat.

MOFAD advances public understanding of the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink. The museum currently operates MOFAD Lab, an exhibit design studio and gallery space in Brooklyn, NY, where Chow: The Making of Chinese American Cuisine will soon be on show.

Change Food Fest attendees will meet the executive director of MOFAD, Peter Kim, and receive a guided tour through the new exhibit Chow. Chow will celebrate the birth and evolution of Chinese American cuisine, tracing its incredible 170-year history and sparking conversation around immigration, cultural identity, and what it means to be American. And, in signature Museum of Food and Drink style, visitors will be able to explore, taste, touch, and smell.