5 Things Change Food Stands For – and So Should You!

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Change Food is rebuilding and restructuring as an organization in order to create more effective change. Not everyone will agree – but it’s our stake in the ground. Our main goal is to spread awareness and educate others about food and farming while also helping provide a larger platform for folks on the ground doing great work toward better food.  And we want everyone onboard. 

Where We Are

Change Food is reinventing itself and rebuilding. We want to focus on the current food landscape, where it’s headed, who’s making a difference, and what each of us can do to create lasting positive change.

We want to get you excited about improving food and get you thinking about how you can help. We need to get people actively involved in creating real societal change for everyone. We’re building a community together to become a force for positive change.

Our beliefs about the food movement will lead Change Food’s restructuring. We will add to this list as we go, so please let us know if you think we’ve missed the mark or if you have something to add to this list. Where we stand: 

  1. The local food movement is leaving out most of the country and will ultimately fail if it doesn’t realize that and do something about it. If you can believe it, new factory farms are still sprouting up in rural America.
  2. Big Food can’t change in ways that it needs to. Corporations are designed to make profit, so Big Food will only make its food healthier if the change improves the health of its bank account. We can only hope that the Big Food machine will crumble, and smaller, more sustainable, companies will pick up the pieces.
  3. AgTech is not the answer. It can help, but it won’t fix the issues. Sustainably-grown lettuce is great (we LOVE Gotham Greens and Brightfarms!), but it only solves a piece of the larger problem. The Silicon Valley companies swooping in to make profits off the food movement are missing the bigger picture.

To find out what else Change Food stands for, check out what else Diane discusses on this week’s show:

Thank you, and join us over at WeDidIt to become part of Change Food. We’re literally building a community of changemakers and we want you to join us. It will be growing into a space where you can connect with us and others, so you can help us create the change that we all want to see.

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