BIG News! Diane Hatz joins Participant Media

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Through Whole Healthy Group, Diane has been working with Participant Media since August to develop an 18-month national food campaign with the movie studio. If you don’t remember who Participant is, they’re the movie studio behind Food, Inc., Fast Food Nation, An Inconvenient Truth and many other social impact films (RBG, Green Book, The Help, Lincoln, Roma – the list is endless!)

We haven’t been able to share any information until now – and we’re excited to announce to you first that we’ll be starting our three-month pilot and campaign planning efforts very soon.

And even though we aren’t exactly sure yet how Change Food will work into the food campaign, we’ll have a solid presence all throughout!

Unfortunately, we can’t say much more right now, but, starting in January, we’ll begin putting our plans into motion. And we’ll be able to share much more with you then – including how you might be able to get involved. Participant has committed to launching a strong, wide-reaching campaign, and we’ll utilize Participant’s networks to bring more sponsors, partners and funders onboard. In order for this campaign to become a longterm reality, we will need to bring on many supporters, financial and otherwise.

We’re so excited and humbled at this opportunity. Yeah! 

Stay tuned for so much more!!!

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