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    Once you develop a routine, sustainable living can be a straightforward process. By making better decisions in your everyday life, you can make a significant impact on the [...]

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    From the Change Food Editorial Team The April issue of TIME Magazine announces The 100 Most Influential People of 2016-17. At Change Food HQ we gave it a look, because few [...]

  • The Value of Food: Evening of Witness

    In the NYC area? Join us March 31st at Cathedral of St. John the Divine for The Value of Food: Evening of Witness. Visitors to this evening of food and art will get the [...]

  • AgArts and the Future of Sustainability

    What do we really mean when we label our habits, consumption, and industries as “sustainable?” Generally, we think of the trend towards sustainability as both individuals and [...]

  • Mouth-Watering Images of Monthly Produce Make Eating In-Season a Work of Art

    Eating locally and in season is good for the planet, your local economy, and your body. “Locavore” chefs in the best restaurants around the world are adapting their menus to [...]

  • Matthew Moore in Zester Daily

    Artist and farmer Matthew Moore’s work is inspired by “the increasing disconnect between consumers and the source of their food.”  He spoke at TEDxManhattan 2104 about [...]