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  • How 400 Students and a Haunted Garden Built the Latest CNN Hero

    If you flicked to CNN this past weekend, you might have seen a familiar-looking guy. If you don’t know, now you know: It was Tony Hillery! Tony was named this week’s CNN [...]

  • Wasting No Time Wasting No Food

    The Planning What goes into a benefit dinner? So much more, it seems, than ever meets the eye. The researching of partners and surveying of venues, the sending of emails and [...]

  • Thomas McQuillan of Baldor SparCs: Changing Cultural Norms Around Food

    Imagine a world where food waste doesn’t exist. Now, imagine a world where the term “food waste” doesn’t exist, either. For years, Thomas McQuillan has not only been [...]

  • Upcycled & Upcoming: the RISE Dinner

    Another Change Food benefit dinner is quickly approaching – and this time we have two powerhouses coming together for a remarkable dining experience you simply don’t [...]

  • From Diane’s Desk: A Review of Seeds & Chips 2017

    For a nonprofit that works mainly in the U.S., you might wonder why Change Food was at last week’s Seeds & Chips “The Global Food Innovation Summit” in Milan, Italy.  And [...]

  • TIME’s 100 Influence the Good Food Movement

    From the Change Food Editorial Team The April issue of TIME Magazine announces The 100 Most Influential People of 2016-17. At Change Food HQ we gave it a look, because few [...]

  • How Sustainable Food Leaders Are Celebrating Earth Day

    In 1970, the 22nd of April was named Earth Day. The dedication followed the 1962 release of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, a novel which courageously pioneered skepticism and [...]

  • Join Food-X’s Andrew Ive for Dinner

    Andrew Ive is the Managing Director at Food-X, a business accelerator that, every three months, puts the pedal to the metal for a handful of blossoming companies. The chosen [...]

  • Submit Now! 2016 Real Food Films Contest

    Do you have a story about food you want to share with the world? If you or someone you know is a filmmaker who is passionate about an issue within the food industry, submit an [...]

  • FDA Calls for Comments on “Natural” Food Labels

    The term “natural” is under scrutiny by the FDA.  It currently holds no regulated definition and is open to interpretation by food manufactures and consumers. Any [...]

  • Food Co-ops for Social Justice

    Food cooperatives impact communities in ways that go beyond food. Right now, over 45,000 co-ops in the country are providing low cost, healthy food to its members. These [...]