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  • 10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Eating a healthy diet is rewarding until the holidays arrive. Halloween is just around the corner and stores are filled to the brim with candy. Most traditional treats [...]

  • Coronavirus Care

    Coronavirus and your food We hope you are safe and healthy as we all make our way through these scary, uncertain times with COVID-19 (aka coronavirus).  Even though [...]

  • Pie – Glorious Wonderful Pumpkin Pie

    Thanksgiving is almost here and what does that mean? Pumpkin pie!! I don’t know about you, but each year I look forward to copious amounts of pumpkin pie between Thanksgiving [...]

  • Do Good on Valentine’s Day – with Chocolate!

    Eating chocolate can be healthy and delicious – ancient cultures have revered the superfood for being packed with antioxidants, increasing energy levels and brain [...]

  • EAT-Lancet Report – A Review

    The EAT-Lancet Commission Report on Healthy Diets has caused a lot of discussion and debate in the food space, and we’re digging in to find out answers to questions some [...]

  • From Diane’s Desk: Change Food 2019

    Change Food has identified four areas of focus to concentrate on in 2019 and beyond. Regenerative Food and Farming Healthy Food Access Food Waste Health and Wellness Because [...]

  • EAT Lancet

    Yesterday Change Food was present at the United Nations for the EAT-Lancet Commission’s launch of their new report “Food Planet Health: Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food [...]

  • Nutrient Intake Tips for Vegetarians

      In 2016, 7.3 million Americans considered themselves vegetarian, while an additional 22.8 million said they follow a “vegetarian-inclined diet,” according to online [...]

  • Change Food’s Physician-in-Residence, Pursues Chef Certification at Natural Gourmet Institute

    Taking the concept of food as medicine to the next level and quite literally, Robert E. Graham, M.D., MPH, has embarked on the Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet [...]

  • Hello September: National Organic Harvest Month

    “Organic” must be the buzzword of 2017 and there’s no better time to talk about it than in September: National Organic Harvest Month. Anyone from [...]

  • The Unlikely Kitchen… In Your Doctor’s Office

    From the Change Food Editorial Team In the United States, when a patient goes to the doctor for their wellness check-up they expect blood tests, shots and a physical [...]

  • The Fluidity of Healthy Food

    Where it Flows (And Where It Doesn’t) Having just finished reading Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, I couldn’t banish from my mind the author’s observations about the [...]