Change Food Meets Series: Speakers

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Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week!

Today we’re going to present three videos from our last Change Food Meets, which was on February 12th and La Botaniste in New York. We had a total of ten speakers stand up and discuss what they are doing within the food movement.

Please enjoy a slice of our night!

Kelly McGlinchey from Slow Food NYC, which supports food education programming throughout the NYC school year and a working farm during summer months

Lynette Frey from the Cornell Cooperate Extension of Nassau County, which promotes local agriculture by helping distribute it to local restaurants and retailers

Loren Cardelli from A Growing Culture, which works to increase access to information on farming, specifically focused on grassroots and small crop farmers. 

Marissa Arguelle from Bright Farms, which is an urban agricultural company growing in cities like Chicago or Philadelphia.

Hope you enjoy and learn about these amazing movers and shakers within the food movement!

And we’ll hope you’ll join us at the next Change Food Meets — it’s going to be April 18th at AgTech X at their new location in Brooklyn, NY.

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