Videos: Antibiotics

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  • How Big Business Had the Right Idea But Went Wrong – Andrew Gunther


    Our food system is abusive. Our food system is polluting our waterways and land, taking advantage of labor, neglecting animal welfare, and creating antibiotic resistant bacteria. Andrew Gunther discusses how we got here and how animals raised on pasture can help solve these problems. His organization, Animal Welfare Approved, educates consumers about products that meet […]

  • Factory Farms, Antibiotics and Superbugs – Lance Price


    Lance Price uses DNA to track “superbugs,” or bacteria that are resistant to our best antibiotics, that are killing 23,000 Americans every year. On one hand, these bugs are becoming stronger from evolution. On the other hand, the constant presence of antibiotics is accelerating this process. In order to slow down the growth of superbugs, […]

  • Community Health Impacts of Factory Farms – Steve Wing


    In just the past century, livestock production has shifted from pasture based farms to factory operations. This overcrowding of livestock for meat production isn’t just inhumane for the animals, but also pollutes the air and water for people living nearby. Steve Wing talks about the impact of factory farms on the environment and the people.

  • Raising Pigs and Problems – Saying No to Antibiotics in Animal Feed – David Wallinga, M.D.


    Bacteria are all around us. Some are very close to becoming resistant to all the antibiotics we have. 74% of antibiotics are used in animal feed, not to treat sick animals. Dr. David Wallinga talks about the how the food system got where it is and how it can be improved.