Videos: Art and Food

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  • TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow – Stefani Bardin


    Artist Stefani Bardin, TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow, shows us her latest project – using a “smartpill” to reveal how we digest differently processed foods.

  • TEDx: How to Cultivate a Logo


    The 2012 TEDxManhattan logo was grown from lettuce and planted inside red letters that said TEDx.  Find out how artist Frieda Lim grew the logo that people are still talking about.

  • Truck Farm – Ian Cheney


    Co-Founder of the Brooklyn-based documentary production company, Wicked Delicate, and co-creator of the Peabody award winning film, King Corn, Ian Cheney talks about his new film, Truck Farm.