Videos: Business of Food

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  • Green Carts – Bringing the Backyard to the Bronx – Kerry McLean


    Kerry McLean loved picking fruit in her backyard when she was a child. In the food desert of the Bronx, access to fresh fruit and vegetables is extremely limited. The Green Carts program brings mobile fruit and vegetables stands to the communities that need it the most.

  • Can a Simple Piece of Paper Change the Way We Eat? – Kavita Shukla


    A low tech solution can help keep produce two to four times longer. Fresh paper is infused with edible organic botanical extracts that help stop the growth of bacteria and fungus that lead to food spoilage. Kavita Shukla tells the story of how she went from her grandmother’s kitchen to selling fresh paper at farmer’s […]

  • The Reality of Green Restaurants – Elizabeth Meltz


    There’s more to making a restaurant “Green” than installing energy efficient hand dryers. To tell us all about it is Elizabeth Meltz, Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for Mario Batali and Joe & Lidia Bastianich.

  • Money’s Many Shades of Green – Elizabeth Ü


    When we think about all the work that has to be done to shift the food system, one very important part is finding ways to finance food entrepreneurs. Here to tell us more about it is the Founder and Executive Director of Finance for Food, Elizabeth Ü.