Videos: Collaboration

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  • Food Tech Needs the Voice of Good Food | Diane Hatz | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Diane Hatz, founder of Change Food, shares her observations (and pet peeves) about the food movement before kicking off an invigorating day of talks at the 2016 Change Food Fest in NYC. Listen in to hear her ideas for the future of collaboration and change – ensuring access to good food for all people.

  • Reigniting the Soul of Farming – Nikiko Masumoto


    Farmer, performance artist and activist Nikiko Masumoto gives us her vision of what farming should be in her amazing talk/performance.

  • Cultivating Equality in the Food System – Danielle Nierenberg


    Women are the world’s food producers, yet these working women are denied access to education, refused by banking and financial institutions, and ignored by extension agents and research organizations. Danielle Nierenberg, president and co-founder of Food Tank, explains that we need more investment in women farmers so that they can have the same access to resources […]

  • Food Justice: A Vision Deeper Than the Problem – Anim Steel


    Anim Steel tells a vision of the Food Movement that draws from the promise of history starting with the land and leads to a just food system.

  • What the Food Movement Can Learn From History – Alison Cayne


    Owner of Haven’s Kitchen, Alison Cayne, explores some of the issues surrounding our current food system; from marketing to children to hunger to farmers rights. She argues that this has everything to do with politics and policy. At the heart of it, fair food is a fundamental human right – but right now there is […]

  • Changing the Way We Give – Virginia Clarke


    In “Changing the Way We Give,” Virginia Clarke, Executive Director of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders, reflects upon her upbringing in a large family in 1960s Los Angeles to challenge the ways we typically think of giving. She encourages the audience to explore the world of big ideas in order to influence the […]

  • Building True Allies – Nikki Silvestri


    How can we build strong, successful social movements – ones that have the power to change individuals, communities, societal attitudes, and politics? When it comes to movements like changing the way we eat, relationships are key. Here, Nikki Silvestri explains the ways in which we can build social movements for lasting, positive change on the […]