Creating an Edible Town In New York – Suzanne Barish

TEDxBergen Community College

Please Pick Project is a small example of how we can revolutionize our relationship with food and address many of the health and hunger problems that plague communities around the country and around the world. The initial purpose of this project was to create an edible town in Nyack, NY, thus connecting people to real food grown in real soil in the urban and suburban landscape, and to eliminate the many obstacles that we all face to accessing the healthy, organic food that we all need regularly. When good food is woven into the streetscapes of our urban and suburban communities and made available for picking, it adds healthy eating and an acknowledgment of the earth to a fast-paced culture that frequently veers away from nature for the sake of convenience.

  • Suzanne Barish

    Director of Communications Rockland Farm Alliance

    Suzanne is the Director of Communications for Rockland Farm Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to preserving suburban farmland. She has a Master’s Degree in English Literature, … Read More