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  • A Framework for Assessing the Health, Environmental, and Social Effects of the Food System – Patrick J. Stover

    EAT Foundation

    Professor Patrick J. Stover discusses a framework for understanding and assessing the impact of various activities and initiatives on the food system.

  • Crafting the Future of Food – Matthew Kenney


    Matthew Kenney discusses good food and the role chefs play in creating its future.

  • Cultured Protein – Mark Post

    EAT Foundation

    Professor Mark Post discusses cultured protein and its role in the future of sustainable food.

  • Stirring Up Political Change from the Kitchen – Bryant Terry


    Urban chef, educator and author Bryant Terry puts the culture back into agriculture by using an anthropological lens to examine how food can spark revolutionary shifts in people’s habits, attitudes, and politics.

  • Gatorade is the New Cigarette – Kurt Beecher


    Kurt Beecher Dammeier’s talk compares the early media campaigns of cigarettes to that of today’s advertising of sports drinks like Gatorade, and warns that the health consequences of sugary drinks may be on par with cigarettes.

  • Age of the Farmer

    Half Magic Films

    “65 is the average age of farmers, and there are not enough young farmers to replace them. How did we get here?”** In the summer of 2015, Eva Verbeeck asked me to join her on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a short film on young farmers

  • Walt

    American Rivers

    At 85 years old, organic raisin farmer and lifelong river advocate Walt Shubin is not slowing down. He has dedicated the last 65 years of his life to restoring California’s once-mighty San Joaquin River to the wild glory he remembers as a young boy.

  • Farming Forward

    Center for Environmental Filmmaking

    For decades, agricultural run-off from farms has been a source of criticism by environmental groups concerned about the health of the Chesapeake Bay. However, with the guidance of scientists, environmentalists, and the general public, farmers are beginning to make broad changes

  • Farmers in a Dangerous Time – Angela Moran


    The backdrop of Angela Moran’s childhood ranged through rust-belt towns; from Niagara Falls, ON to Detroit, MI, and more. Boarded up downtown cores and dilapidated buildings were completely normal sights… until Angela planted a tree as a teenager.

  • Food Unity: The Power of Choosing Local – Carol Lynn Jackson


    When communities deeply connect with their local food sources/local growers the concept of “buying local” becomes more than a theory – it becomes a sustainable practice. When communities deeply connect with their local food sources/local growers the concept of “buying local” becomes more than a theory – it becomes a sustainable practice. Carol Lynn began […]

  • What is “Glocal” – Jennifer Pate


    Being a Glocal (Global Local) not in the business sense of the word, but in terms of us as human beings, is about embracing our place as locals at home on planet Earth. Using her most recent expedition, a scientific sailing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, as an example, Jennifer encourages people to embrace their […]

  • Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World – Danielle Nierenberg

    Food Tank

    Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World. A new video from Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank, and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR).