Videos: Factory Farms

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  • A Moore’s Law of Diet and Evolution | Jason Green | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Jason Green, CEO and co-founder at Edenworks, looks at the evolution of diet – from foragers and hunters, to hunters and farmers, to a commodity-based diet species. Jason is not concerned about losing macronutrients in this evolution of diet, but is concerned about growing micronutrients. His company looks at indoor agriculture environments to address this, […]

  • Don’t Let the Good Food Movement Become Only Feel Good – Kendra Kimbirauskas


    Kendra Kimbirauskas discusses the problems with factory farms or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). More than ever, we are experiencing unprecedented growth of factory farms in rural communities, even though consumers are more educated. Despite all of the good work of the Good Food movement, factory farms continue to expand across the United States.  Kendra discusses […]

  • Using the Legal System to Fight Factory Farms – Michele Merkel


    Former EPA attorney and current Food & Justice lawyer Michele Merkel discusses how she went from working with the EPA to hold factory farms accountable to suing the EPA for not their job to protect people and the environment from problems caused by these industrial complexes.

  • How Big Business Had the Right Idea But Went Wrong – Andrew Gunther


    Our food system is abusive. Our food system is polluting our waterways and land, taking advantage of labor, neglecting animal welfare, and creating antibiotic resistant bacteria. Andrew Gunther discusses how we got here and how animals raised on pasture can help solve these problems. His organization, Animal Welfare Approved, educates consumers about products that meet […]

  • Factory Farms, Antibiotics and Superbugs – Lance Price


    Lance Price uses DNA to track “superbugs,” or bacteria that are resistant to our best antibiotics, that are killing 23,000 Americans every year. On one hand, these bugs are becoming stronger from evolution. On the other hand, the constant presence of antibiotics is accelerating this process. In order to slow down the growth of superbugs, […]

  • How the Humane Sausage Gets Made – Maisie Ganzler


    Maisie (Greenawalt) Ganzler works for the Bon Appétit Management Company providing café and catering services to corporations, colleges and universities. She has spent years working to purchase more humane and sustainable supplies. It’s not as simple as signing a bigger check. It has been a complex education, and this is what she learned.

  • Community Health Impacts of Factory Farms – Steve Wing


    In just the past century, livestock production has shifted from pasture based farms to factory operations. This overcrowding of livestock for meat production isn’t just inhumane for the animals, but also pollutes the air and water for people living nearby. Steve Wing talks about the impact of factory farms on the environment and the people.

  • Who pays the “Farm Bill?” – Wenonah Hauter


    Wenonah Hauter tells the story of how Big Food companies produce chicken in the United States. She invites you to join the fight, vote with your fork, and take political action to help change food policy in America.

  • Animal Factories and the Abuse of Power – Wayne Pacelle


    All 50 states have laws that protect animals from cruelty. We as a society believe that animals should be respected, but there is a disconnect between what we believe and the treatment that farm animals receive. Wayne Pacelle takes the TEDxManhattan stage to discuss a new, humane economy that is not only beneficial for us, but also beneficial […]

  • Raising Pigs and Problems – Saying No to Antibiotics in Animal Feed – David Wallinga, M.D.


    Bacteria are all around us. Some are very close to becoming resistant to all the antibiotics we have. 74% of antibiotics are used in animal feed, not to treat sick animals. Dr. David Wallinga talks about the how the food system got where it is and how it can be improved.

  • The Hidden Price Tag of Industrial Agriculture – Karen Hudson


    President of the Dairy Education Alliance, Karen Hudson, talks about the dangers of industrial agriculture to public health, and how she stood up to stop it.