Videos: Farmers

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  • Farmers Markets Aren’t Enough – Marcel Van Ooyen


    Marcel Van Ooyen talks about scaling up local food distribution Greenmarket Co., NYC’s first and only food hub dedicated to supporting regional food producers by making their products available to wholesale buyers throughout the city.

  • Sean Kaminsky and Lee Brooks at Storytelling and Food – Sean Kaminsky and Lee Brooks

    Change Food

    Sean: Thank you first of all for having us here. We’re very excited. Lee’s going to be joining me in a minute. And I didn’t actually realize that Lee was a singer. And if I had known I would have had him do more singing in Open Sesame, The Story of Seeds. But I wanted […]

  • Hunting For Food – Race, Class and Access in New York City – Regina Bernard-Carreno


    Dr. Bernard-Carreno shares her narrative of a changing food-purchasing landscape in New York City, as well as the underlying social, racial, and economic implications of what is available for purchase where and how we can optimize community gardening programs to be more equitable and mutually beneficial.

  • In Praise of Big Organic – Myra Goodman


    Myra Goodman, founder of Earthbound Farms, the largest organic producer in North America, explains the environmental, health, and economic benefits of expanding the organic movement to large-scale farms.

  • How Art Can Change the Way We Eat – Matthew Moore


    Matthew Moore is a 4th generation family farmer from Arizona, however he will be the last. Trying to make sense of the value we place on the land and our connection to it, Matthew creates floor plans from wheat and installs time lapse videos of broccoli growing in grocery stores. Watch how the land springs […]

  • Logistics – Our Local Food Blind Spot – Michael Rozyne


    Michael Rozyne explains the ways in which the current industrial food system creates logistical and geographic gaps. It encourages durable, low-cost products and year-round supply rather than more sustainability or fair prices to farmers. Get the good food movement involved at every stop along the supply chain of produce, from picking to packing to shipping […]

  • The Tree of Forty Fruit – Sam Van Aken


    During the 19th century, central New York was one of the largest producers of stone fruits. Today they are only grown by a few producers. Artist, Sam Van Aken, brings light to the lack of diversity and monoculture by grafting 40 varieties of stone fruits onto a single tree including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and […]

  • Good Foods Taste Great – David McInerney


    David McInerney travels the country talking with farmers as the founder of Fresh Direct, and understanding their challenges. Farmers should be encouraged to grow food that tastes great and rewarded for not taking shortcuts. Customers also need to guided into buying what is seasonal, tasty and nutritious, rather than just buying the few vegetables that are […]

  • Seeds – The Buried Beginnings of Food – Simran Sethi


    Seeds are sex. They are the beginning and end, and the beginning again. Simran tells the story of seeds and how the world’s biodiversity is in jeopardy. Only four crops make up 50% of what is grown in the United States.

  • Building a Future with Farmers – Lindsey Lusher Shute


    For generations farm families have been sending their children on career paths off the farm as opportunities abound elsewhere. Farmers over the age of 65 now outnumber farmers under the age of 35 by 6 to 1. Some young farmers are bucking the trend and caring for the land by growing food.

  • How I Did Less and Ate Better, Thanks to Weeds – Tama Matsuoka Wong


    Tama Matsuoka Wong was a corporate attorney. Now she’s a forager. When she started gardening in her New Jersey backyard, she quickly realized that weeds would take over her garden. Tama tells us about her Japanese culture and realizing that what some call “weeds” are delicacies in other parts of the world.

  • Veterans Food Production Program – Howard Hinterthuer


    TEDxManhattan Challenge 2012 winner, Howard Hinterthuer, discusses the organic therapy program for Veterans with PTSD. Gardening has been found to be very helpful to recovery.