Videos: Food Movement

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  • The Future of Blue | Erica Orange | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Erica Orange, executive vice president and COO of The Future Hunters, talks about “templosion” and “blue” (a good reason to listen in!), ideas she has created as a futurist. She discusses the shift in business from sustainable – putting back what you take out – to “blue” – putting back more than you take out.

  • Food Tech Needs the Voice of Good Food | Diane Hatz | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Diane Hatz, founder of Change Food, shares her observations (and pet peeves) about the food movement before kicking off an invigorating day of talks at the 2016 Change Food Fest in NYC. Listen in to hear her ideas for the future of collaboration and change – ensuring access to good food for all people.

  • Millennials Trust Real Food | Annalyn Lavey | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Annalyn Lavey, GM and founding member of Square Roots, talks about the importance of trusting where our food comes from. Square Roots will empower food entrepreneurs, create a space to grow food in an urban environment, and help to create strong communities around food – increasing trust and feeding real food to people in the […]

  • Hope and Action for Changing Food | Andrew Ive | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Andrew Ive, managing director at Food-X, talks about how we have been producing food to the lowest common denominator, but now is the time to focus on hope and action. Food-X, a food innovation accelerator, is working with people within the food movement ready to make change.

  • Stirring Up Political Change from the Kitchen – Bryant Terry


    Urban chef, educator and author Bryant Terry puts the culture back into agriculture by using an anthropological lens to examine how food can spark revolutionary shifts in people’s habits, attitudes, and politics.

  • What is “Glocal” – Jennifer Pate


    Being a Glocal (Global Local) not in the business sense of the word, but in terms of us as human beings, is about embracing our place as locals at home on planet Earth. Using her most recent expedition, a scientific sailing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, as an example, Jennifer encourages people to embrace their […]

  • Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World – Danielle Nierenberg

    Food Tank

    Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World. A new video from Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank, and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR).

  • The Culture of Collards

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Collard greens are more than a simple side dish. Brought to the American South with the slave trade, they represent a critical aspect of African-American cultural history. A new generation of passionate farmers, culinary historians, and educators work tirelessly to preserve and share this cultural heritage while promoting healthy communities. Hear their stories. Directed by […]

  • In Defense of Food Series – Michael Pollan

    PBS – In Defense of Food

    Join New York Times best-selling author Michael Pollan on a fascinating journey to find out what we should eat to be healthy. Pollan cuts through today’s barrage of conflicting dietary messages and makes it simple to enjoy food and stay healthy. This is a playlist of 20 educational clips. Click the icon in the top […]

  • Voting Rights: Organic, Fork-Voting & Food Justice – Kristy Athens


    Do you “vote with your fork” for social change? Ever wonder how effective that is? Kristy Athens will explain why fork-voting isn’t really doing a lot of good, and might actually be doing some harm.

  • Reigniting the Soul of Farming – Nikiko Masumoto


    Farmer, performance artist and activist Nikiko Masumoto gives us her vision of what farming should be in her amazing talk/performance.

  • Marketing Environmental HipHop and Culinary Wellness – Alkemia Earth


    Vegan rapper DJ Cavem and wife and DJ Alkemia Earth perform and talk about healthy food.