Videos: Food Movement

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  • What the Food Movement Can Learn From History – Alison Cayne


    Owner of Haven’s Kitchen, Alison Cayne, explores some of the issues surrounding our current food system; from marketing to children to hunger to farmers rights. She argues that this has everything to do with politics and policy. At the heart of it, fair food is a fundamental human right – but right now there is […]

  • Meatless Monday – A Simple Idea Sparks a Global Healthy Food Movement – Peggy Neu


    People search health related topics overwhelmingly at the beginning of the week. Building on the related pattern, Meatless Monday encourages us to go meatless just one day each week in order to help reduce saturated fat in our diets. It turns out there are a bunch of other benefits too! Peggy Neu talks about how […]

  • Building True Allies – Nikki Silvestri


    How can we build strong, successful social movements – ones that have the power to change individuals, communities, societal attitudes, and politics? When it comes to movements like changing the way we eat, relationships are key. Here, Nikki Silvestri explains the ways in which we can build social movements for lasting, positive change on the […]

  • Tasting Our Way to a Better Food System – Mitchell Davis


    Mitchell Davis, from the James Beard Foundation explains that if we focus our attention on the way our food tastes, we can actually improve the way our food system functions. A focus on taste will lead us to make better decisions about how and where we grow store, market and prepare our food.

  • The Reality of Green Restaurants – Elizabeth Meltz


    There’s more to making a restaurant “Green” than installing energy efficient hand dryers. To tell us all about it is Elizabeth Meltz, Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for Mario Batali and Joe & Lidia Bastianich.

  • Building a Slow Food Nation – Josh Viertel


    Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA, dreams of a world where fruit is cheaper than fruit loops and there are more school gardens than McDonald’s has franchises.