Bucket Brigades and the Fight Against Hunger – Joel Berg


Food pantries and food drives will not end hunger – they are a bandaid on a bigger problem. Joel Berg from the New York City Campaign Against Hunger explains how policy change is the only real way to end our problems with food.

Publications & Reports

TEDxManhattan Heroes: Joel Berg

Here’s how to fix food in America


Based on the documentary A Place at the Table, this book is an addition that is filled with compelling insight from many top names that are part of the fight to end hunger. Among many names are Jeff Bridges, David Beckmann, and Ken Cook.

All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America depicts what it is like to have a low income that is not enough to cover rising living costs and put food on the table. He delves into the inactive roles of politicians in this fight and calls to action the president to consider some of the simple and affordable plans to end hunger all together.

In this book, Tracie McMillian becomes the average American by trying three different jobs and lives off the wages of each three while trying to put food on the table-healthy or not. She shares her real raw experiment that is a similar everyday reality to many people.


Discussion Questions

  • In what ways does “hunger cost our economy”? What ages does hunger around the US affect?
  • What is the modern nutrition safety net, and what initiatives are included in it?
  • In what ways are canned food drives like the bucket brigade? Why aren’t food drives and soup kitchens sufficient?


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Take Action

  1. Visit NYCCAH’s website for information on volunteering and direct advocacy related to their work.
  2. Volunteer at or donate food to your local food bank.
  3. Become involved in SNAP or WIC outreach in your community.
  4. Raise awareness about or sponsor a Summer Food Service Program site.

Go to Change Food’s Tumblr site to share and give us feedback on your experiences.


Feeding America

Known as the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America is made up of a network of food banks with food pantries and meal programs. They offer a myriad of options to help-from donating $1 to secure 11 meals throughout the food bank network to providing a way to ask your member of congress to visit a food bank. This way, everyone can help end the battle against hunger from their own home in multiple ways.

Amp Your Good

Designed as a web-based way to help hunger, Amp Your Good continuously creates initiatives to help end hunger by allowing individuals and organized groups to order food from an online catalog of fresh and unprocessed food to donate. Once the initiative is over, Amp Your Good donates the items you purchase. Goodbye to donating expired canned food and hello to donating healthy and sustainable options.

  • Joel Berg

    Executive Director New York City Coalition Against Hunger

    Joel Berg is leading the anti-hunger movement in America. He is Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and a Senior … Read More