Videos: Organic

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  • The Missing Ingredient for a Good Food System | Eric Kessler | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Good food investors are very important in making a change to the food system. Eric Kessler, founder and senior managing director at Arabella Advisors, looks for good food products that contribute to health, sustainable agriculture, and affordable food for all. He discusses culture, policy change, and infrastructure as three essential elements to make it possible to provide […]

  • Let’s Make Organic the Convention – Myra Goodman


    Myra Goodman discusses how we can shift the language we use and the conventions we accept to make organic the new normal.

  • Why is Organic Food so *#@! Expensive?? – Ali Partovi


    Do you ever wonder why organic food is so expensive?  Ali Partovi explains that it’s not because the food is more expensive to grow – find out the real reason why you pay more for organic.

  • In Praise of Big Organic – Myra Goodman


    Myra Goodman, founder of Earthbound Farms, the largest organic producer in North America, explains the environmental, health, and economic benefits of expanding the organic movement to large-scale farms.

  • From Fables to Labels – Urvashi Rangan


    Urvashi Rangan has studied labels at Consumer Reports for over a decade. Consumers will pay more for labels they believe add value to a product, but consumers are also misled to believe that labels mean more than they do. We need more truth, transparency and trust in our labels.