Videos: What are You Doing to Change the Food System?

  • What are You Doing to Change the Food System? – Tom Colicchio

    Change Food

    I’m using whatever celebrity I have to get the message out there. I’ve been very active around issues of hunger, creating a better sustainable food system, and I have a platform now at MSNBC that will hopefully get that message out there as well. So again, this is about educating the population and letting them […]

  • What are you doing to change the Food System? – Regina Bernard-Carreno

    Change Food

    I’m still teaching full-time. I’ve geared all my classes to have some type of dialogue about the food movement, whether the class is on food or not. Currently working with Alison Cayne of Haven’s Kitchen on “Preserved” which is our short film series. And we’re working to start to savor a lot of the narrative […]