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  • Changing Our Food System Starts with Changing Our View of Farmers | Loren Cardeli | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Loren Cardeli, the founder and president of A Growing Culture, implores us to embrace farmers. He shares his views about the importance of farmer autonomy and farmer rights, connecting social justice and environmental justice, and the need for community. Loren wants to change the our view of the food movement, moving farmers to the forefront of the conversation. For more, go to #IStandWithFarmers. Read More

  • Change Food By Not Changing Food | Paul Willis | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Paul Willis, farmer and founder of Niman Ranch Pork Co., talks about changing food by not changing. Going against large factory farms and sticking with what he knew – high animal welfare, certification, animals raised without antibiotics, by family farmers – Paul created a space for changing food by not changing what he was doing. Read More

  • Everything You Ever Need to Know: Youth Learn to Earn at the Farm | Tessa Edick | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Tessa Edick, founder of the FarmOn! Foundation, talks about the struggles with succession in farming, and teaching the next generation to be excited about the opportunity. FarmOn! Foundation helps to shift the paradigm, teaching kids the business of food with real skill sets as they live on the property, using the farm as a classroom. Read More

  • Creating a Local Food System | Cary Junior | Change Food Fest

    Change Food

    Cary Junior, general manager of SEMPA, a rural farmer cooperative for farmers of color, is creating a local food system to get good food into food insecure areas in Detroit. They are creating jobs, supporting farmers, creating a connection with young urban farmers and rural farmers between Detroit and Ann Arbor. These two equations are fundamental to their work, 1. “cooperative production + food hub + markets = local food system” and 2. “sustainable agriculture + local food systems + nutrition education = food sovereignty”. What is the food economy … Read More

  • Age of the Farmer

    Half Magic Films

    “65 is the average age of farmers, and there are not enough young farmers to replace them. How did we get here?”** In the summer of 2015, Eva Verbeeck asked me to join her on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest to produce a short film on young farmers … Read More

  • Farming Forward

    Center for Environmental Filmmaking

    For decades, agricultural run-off from farms has been a source of criticism by environmental groups concerned about the health of the Chesapeake Bay. However, with the guidance of scientists, environmentalists, and the general public, farmers are beginning to make broad changes … Read More

  • Farmers in a Dangerous Time – Angela Moran


    The backdrop of Angela Moran's childhood ranged through rust-belt towns; from Niagara Falls, ON to Detroit, MI, and more. Boarded up downtown cores and dilapidated buildings were completely normal sights... until Angela planted a tree as a teenager. Read More

  • Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World – Danielle Nierenberg

    Food Tank

    Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World. A new video from Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank, and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR). Read More

  • Farming for the Future

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Some farmers are trying innovative farm management techniques and practices to nourish their land and sustain their farms for future generations. Cliff Miller of Mount Vernon Farm in the Piedmont region of Virginia is one such farmer. Read More

  • 50 Years of Farming: For Love & Vegetables

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Organic farmers in Tysons Corner, Va. reflect on a half-century of sustainable and community-focused agriculture.  … Read More

  • The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil

    Rainforest Action Network

    What’s really in that snack food? Too frequently, the answer is palm oil produced with modern day slavery, child labor, and worker and human rights abuses. Sacrificing the lives, health, and safety of the people who work on palm oil plantations is far too high a price to pay for the cheap palm oil used in snack foods made by companies like PepsiCo. Read More

  • The Soil Story – Pashon Murray

    Kiss the Ground

    In collaboration with Kiss the Ground, Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt narrates this story of soil and how it could save our planet and reverse climate change. Building healthy soil has the miraculous ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. It’s a story that has to be shared with the world. And it’s not just carbon storage; the ways that soil stands to positively impact lives of billions worldwide are tangible and immediate.  Clean water.  Healthy food.  Drought resistance.  Restored habitats. The opportunity is real. Read More