What is one thing the Food Movement need to succeed?

  • What does the Food Movement need to succeed? – George Faison

    Change Food

    It’ll have to come from the grassroots, with people petitioning. When the organic standards were developed there was a movement to allow industrial sewage, or basic sewage refuge to be used as a fertilizer. And it was only the grassroots movement that stopped that from being allowed. In other words – it was a natural fertilizer, but it was not what those of us involved in the industry wanted to see happen. We came together, we stopped it. Where too often small producers on the meat and poultry side, those … Read More

  • What does the Food Movement need to succeed? – Urvashi Rangan

    Change Food

    The one thing that the food movement could use in order to really succeed is some level of cohesion. We see advocacy groups bonding together and coalitions; a lot of like-minded people bonded with like-minded people. I think in order to get the systemic change we’re looking for and really to get out to the mainstream, there needs to be a little more cohesion within the groups and who we reach out to, and how we work together and how we can kind of leverage that power. But we always … Read More