Community Connections: 5 Tips to Better Elderly Nutrition

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As we get older, starting with turning 30, then more so over 50, we learn that our bodies change and so our diets have to change too. As my grandmother has gotten older she’s found her health getting worse and a large part of it is down to really unhealthy eating habits. This lead to type 2 diabetes and kidney stones, but with some regulation, she has been able to sort these problems out without resorting to surgery or too many medications.

The key to this was diet. And there are 5 main ways we can improve our diets so we can be healthier as we age. These are:

  1. Consuming more Vitamin D

  2. Reducing Salt and Sugar

  3. Drinking more liquids; especially water

  4. Making smoothies

  5. A good, balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins, supplements, and calories

Now, it is worth remembering that everyone is different with unique needs and tastes, but these are some core ways of remaining healthy. If you would like to learn more about each of the 5 points, and a little about the 3 main root causes of poor nutrition among older adults, then take a look at this full guide containing 5 great tips for better nutrition.

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