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The Lighthouse BK dinner to benefit Change Food will bring together some of 2017’s greatest forces in the food movement. In the event that you are one of the social-media butterflies who prefers to meet people before you meet people – here’s your chance to meet Change Food’s Doctor-in-Residence, Dr. Robert Graham!

Robert Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP is the trailblazer in integrative medicine you’ve been hearing about, but don’t let the list of acronyms following his name intimidate. He’s a warm, genuine blast; the ivy-leaguer who cites parents, family, friends and patients as his greatest teachers.

Dr. Robert Graham explains Fare Wellness: Back to Our Roots at TEDxManhattan.

Dr. Robert Graham explains Fare Wellness: Back to Our Roots at TEDxManhattan.

Throughout his medical journey, Dr. Graham bore witness to the nearly unavoidable burnout that so many doctors experience. He’s not a stranger to the struggle of those on the other side of the stethoscope, either: “People are sick and tired of being sick and tired,” he says, “and want more options in medicine than a pill for an ill.” Graham has always been aware of the impact of food on health, and through talking to his aforementioned teachers, he altered his approach toward health and wellness to include the FRESH new options patients crave.

Join Food Doctor Robert Graham at the Change Food Dinner on Monday, March 27, 2017. You can purchase a ticket for the dinner or a special VIP ticket to dine with Dr. Graham.

In the 15 years he has been a doctor, Graham has prevented, treated, and reversed many of the diet-related diseases which affect our communities with a food-first approach. He hasn’t thrown all the little orange bottles we know and (don’t really) love out the window, but acknowledges that they don’t contain remedies for the root causes of our ailments, namely food and stress. “Health starts with food, in the kitchen, but you have to go beyond the kitchen to achieve ultimate wellness,” Dr. Graham explains. “You have to be mindful of the other pillars of wellbeing: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness; The FRESH model.

Julie and Rob Graham at Victory Greens, the mindful, edible garden they created atop Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC.

Julie and Rob Graham at Victory Greens, the mindful, edible garden they created atop Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC.

How does Robert Graham stay FRESH? Between doctorly duties, worldwide speaking engagements and constant creation of new projects, Rob and Julie Graham (an entirely powerful force of her own in the integrative health field as a Certified Health Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Aromatherapist – and also wife) are experts in finding a life-work balance – not to be mistaken for a work-life balance. Co-founders of FRESHMed and Fare Wellness, they emphasize plant-based foods, meditation as relaxation medication, and healthy portions of exercise and sleep. The Grahams are deliberate as they design their lives in ways which keep them Positively Psyched, and thus happy!

As if he weren’t already the star of an impressive juggling act, Dr. Graham has taken on a new role as the Change Food Doctor-in-Residence. Change Food aims to bridge the rural and urban divide in the food system, the illusionary chasm between the good food movement and food technology. Dr. Graham recognizes medicine as a unifying thread, a reminder that our mission is the same. “Sadly, illness knows no geographic limits… It is necessary that we bring more health and care to every corner of this Earth.” Rural or urban, the food system needs healthy fuel.

Dr. Graham (left) believes in teaching doctors to cook and chefs to heal.

Dr. Graham (left) believes in teaching doctors to cook and chefs to heal.

So, like he does for all his patients, Dr. Graham prescribes a whole-food approach to health for Change Food, because like many of his patients, the food system in which Change Food operates is sick. Whole foods, especially plant-based, nourish our bodies, but in this case they must also care for our communities. Our Doctor-in-Residence aims to capitalize on the lessons he took from his Masters in Public Health at Harvard to “tease out fact from fiction and begin prescribing real food to our communities.” He is one of the strongest advocates we have in the quest for policy changes which would support the regeneration of this broken system.

If you’re not convinced by now that you’ll be throwing elbows to catch a seat next to Dr. Graham at the Lighthouse Fundraiser Benefiting Change Food, no matter – more room for us! Dr. Robert Graham knows the food we eat and the vitality we enjoy are inseparable pieces to each of our personal puzzles. But like he said, we have to go beyond the kitchen. The Lighthouse Dinner is an opportunity to do just that: it’s a nutritious meal, yes, but it’s also a holistic event which supports the system at large. So regardless of where you sit, join us… Doctor’s orders!


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