Do Good on Valentine’s Day – with Chocolate!

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Eating chocolate can be healthy and delicious – ancient cultures have revered the superfood for being packed with antioxidants, increasing energy levels and brain function, and having benefits that can lower heart disease risks. (And we are talking about real chocolate here – not sugar with cocoa flavoring that most big brand ‘chocolates’ are made from….)

Sometimes sourcing the best quality, ethical, and sustainable chocolate can be tricky. Here are five ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings, support cocoa farmers, decrease the environmental impact of cocoa production and support sustainable business practices.

  1. Read the labels. Fair Trade chocolate highlights ethical labor standards, tracks sustainable growing practices and improves the lives of farmers by supporting their income and productivity. 
  2. Skip milk chocolate and go dark. More cocoa in chocolate guarantees farmers higher incomes so grab a bar with at least 70% cocoa content or higher. It’s also way healthier for you!
  3. Reflect on the impact. Support companies that prioritize the social and environmental impacts of cocoa production and support the communities they work with.
  4. Promote systems change. Consumers can hold chocolate companies accountable for their business practices and should feel empowered to share their voices, values, and concerns with such companies. Give them a call and ask questions.
  5. Eat local. Support and buy from a local chocolate company. The beans might not be grown in the U.S., but you can look for U.S. companies that are distributing and selling ethically sourced, delicious chocolate. Today’s a great day to enjoy some.

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