Eating Real With Change Food: Trump Admin Wants To Create and Control Food Boxes for SNAP Recipients

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Have You Heard?

The Trump administration has proposed a new model for SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) formally known as food stamps.

The proposal is included in the Trump administration budget request for fiscal year 2019 and would require approval from Congress.

So here’s how it’d go down…

Instead of SNAP recipients getting a pre-paid EBT card to buy fresh fruits and vegetables (and any anything else that falls under the guidelines), they’d receive a “Blue Apron” style package consisting of shelf-stable canned and boxed food, with no fresh fruits or vegetables. The proposal is described as being a “cost-effective approach” with “no loss in food benefits to participants.”

There are many potential issues with the proposal…

Some are stated in this article from NPR. For example, we don’t know how these boxes will be distributed. The government wants to tell states they have to figure out how to deliver the boxes to people on SNAP. Another issue flagged in the article is that removing choices contradicts with encouraging personal responsibility to SNAP recipients.

So, why do we here at Change Food have a problem with this proposal?

Let’s look at the facts. “Big food” is having problems because more and more people are buying less boxed food items. So now, the government wants to dump these foods on people in the SNAP program and force people to eat it. This may lead to long-term increasing healthcare costs.

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