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A Change Food Guide:  How to Organize Your Own Food Event


Want to get involved with changing the food system but aren’t sure what to do?  We have the answer – put on your own event!  The Change Food Video Library is full of talks and presentations on various issues around food and farming. Select your favorite and create an event so you can educate family, friends and your local community about issues important to you.

Following are tips and suggestions on what you can do to put on a lunchtime video club, salon, half day or a full day event.  Just click on each of the images below for more information.

And when you finish your event, make sure to fill out our Event Review form so we can know what you did.



  • After Your Event

    Remember: Your work is not over when the event ends! You need to keep the enthusiasm going and keep people thinking/acting around this [...]

  • How to Green Your Event

    How to Green Your Event What does it mean to be “Green”? Going green means that your event will be environmentally friendly and [...]

  • Promoting and Marketing Your Event

    Promoting and Marketing Your Event If you want to bring in people from your local community, some who you might not know, there are [...]

  • Securing Sponsors for Your Event

    Securing Sponsors The breadth of your event will determine whether or not you need sponsors, and what type of sponsors you should look [...]

  • Putting on Your Event

    Lunchtime Event Hosting a lunchtime event or salon is very simple.  Depending on the number of people you expect, you can show the talk [...]

  • Format and Goals of the Event

    Format and Goals of the Event Once you decide to host your own Change Food event, you need to pick a theme around which you organize. [...]

  • About the Event Guide

    About Change Food Change Food is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and collaborating with those who produce and care [...]

  • How to Use the Video Library

    You can navigate the library using the search bar to find particular people or videos, browse all our newly added content, or peruse by [...]