About the Event Guide

About Change Food

Change Food is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and collaborating with those who produce and care about food in order to transform the environment in which our food is grown and help improve the way we eat.

Connect – Collaborate – Transform

Change Food takes a “wholistic” approach to the entire ecosystem of food.  Bringing together experts and leaders from different disciplines and backgrounds, we provide a platform to raise awareness about both the problems and solutions with food and our food system.  We not only look at issues; we look at the space in between the issues.  Change Food creatively packages the information in various forms for leaders in communities around the country, and increasingly world, so that they can educate and facilitate behavior change in their local community.

Change Food creates experiences.  Whether it be a salon, festival or dinner series, Change Food develops and implements creative experiences that raise awareness and provide tools that can educate others.

About Change Food Events

Change Food events are conferences, salons, debates, discussions and/or experiences around key issues related to food and farming. These are experiential gatherings to help fine tune, explore and discuss new ways to creatively approach critical or emerging issues. The type of event you put on depends on you and how much time and effort you want to put into your gathering.

Events are held for various reasons, including:

  • To introduce people to various issues affecting food and our food supply.
  • To delve more deeply into critical issues in food and farming in order to broaden support and raise awareness around selected topics.
  • To work with experts and interested individuals to develop projects, plans and campaigns around food and farming.
  • To help educate people via in-depth, expert-led seminars on specific topics.
  • To look for and facilitate opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination.

Change Food events offer a unique opportunity for anyone, anywhere to educate friends, students, communities or coworkers about critical issues in the food system, and to use the resources provided in the Change Food Video Library to encourage new thoughts, create connections and to generate action.

Types of Events

There are many types of events you can host, including:

  • Lunchtime Video Club.  A lunchtime gathering usually lasts an hour and, you guessed it, is held during lunch usually at an office or even a coffee shop.  One or two videos are shown and a discussion is held around the topic being presented. There is only time to delve into one topic.
  • Salon.  A Salon is usually 2 – 3 hours long and is often held in the evening.  It is advisable to only present one topic so you can have an in depth discussion about the video(s) you watch.
  • Half Day Event.  This usually runs 3 – 5 hours and can include live speakers as well as recorded talks from other events.
  • Full Day Event.  This is a totally immersive experience that will take a lot of planning but can have big payoffs.  


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