After Your Event

Remember: Your work is not over when the event ends! You need to keep the enthusiasm going and keep people thinking/acting around this issue once the event ends.

  • Write a blog post. Assign an organizer, attendee or volunteer (more is always better than one!) to take notes throughout the event. It is important to capture interesting or provoking ideas in the conversation, and especially to note different actionable solutions suggested by attendees. Remember you want to educate and create action around an issue, as well as share ideas. Oh – and don’t wait too long! Write and share the blog post within a few days of the event while it is fresh in their minds.
  • Invite media representatives. Whether a local paper or a blogger, invite them to attend and cover your event. This will help you to reach beyond your initial target audience, and spread the message to new, interested parties.Reception_people2012
  • Use Social Media tools.  You should incorporate this into your social media plan for the event. Assign a volunteer and/or encourage the audience to share important moments, ideas, photos and updates after the event on social media. Perhaps encourage people to share new partnerships or projects that resulted from the event. Think instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. You or an assigned person should follow the conversation in the week following the event, and be sure to engage in the conversation.
  • Ask your audience for feedback. This is simple, easy to do and important. Using tools like Google Forms or wufoo you can send out a feedback form to participants right after the event. Not only will this prepare you for next time, but it will also provide a way to analyze and report on the success of your event. Tip: Have this ready to go before the event, so you can send it to participants immediately afterwards.  


Checklist: How to keep the conversation going

  • Have a sign-up sheet with contact information.
  • Create a newsletter or email about the event (Remember: thank participants & sponsors).
  • Make your event a series of events.
  • Create your own facebook group/page where participants can continue the conversation.
  • Encourage and actively ask for feedback.
  • Stay in Touch! Send us photos and updates and Change Food will promote your event on our website or social media.


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