Putting on Your Event

Lunchtime Event

Hosting a lunchtime event or salon is very simple.  Depending on the number of people you expect, you can show the talk on your computer, or you can find a space with a screen that you can connect your computer to.

Make sure you watch the talk in advance.  If there are not suggested discussion questions in the Change Food Video Library, think of questions to ask your guests.  Do not ask yes or no questions – ask questions that require an explanation.

Determine if you want to have an action around your event.  For example, if you are watching a video and hosting a discussion about antibiotic resistance, see if any groups around the country have petitions, campaigns or actions that you could encourage your audience to take.

Half Day or Full Day Event

Treats, SponsorsA half day event usually runs 3 – 5 hours and can include live speakers as well as recorded talks from other events.

A full day event is a totally immersive experience that will take a lot of planning but can have big payoffs.  

Depending on the size of your audience, there are several things to consider for these types of events.

As each video runs about 10-20 minutes, plan accordingly, including time for breaks, discussions, activities, live speakers, and questions. Be sure to plan a definite outline of your events and try to adhere to this schedule!

Because half day or full day events will run longer than a lunchtime event, you may want to secure a space with a projector to ensure comfort.

You should also think about refreshments ahead of time – you can either encourage guests to bring snacks and/or meals (if your venue permits) or have the event catered. One way to promote your event may be to reach out to a local restaurant and see if they would sponsor your event, either as a host or as a caterer.

More information about the format of your half or full day event can be found on our Format and Goals of the Event page.

Fundraising can also be a bonus to a half day or full day event – because your guests are invested in spending a day learning and talking about food, chances are they’re also interested in taking some action about it! Get your guests involved by arranging fundraising campaigns before the event using an online peer-to-peer format, or raise money while you’re there, or make it your goal to raise money after the event to stay connected!

Whatever you do, be sure to keep the conversation going – don’t let the conversations that you had at your event end on that day. Read more at https://www.changefood.org/event-guide/after-your-event/.




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