Change Food Meets 2020

Loren Cardeli of A Growing Culture regaling his table with stories of his travels.

Join Change Food at our happy hour on January 15th as we come off hiatus and soft launch our new campaign “Plant Eat Share”.

Our vision: Build an unstoppable global movement of passionate citizens who plant, eat and share healthy food.  For free.

Join us at photographer Henry Hargreaves studio for an early evening 2-hour social to help us re-launch Change Food and officially launch our new program “Plant Eat Share”.  Connect with colleagues and make new friends at our intimate gathering.

Get your ticket here!  January 15th, 6-8pm, Brooklyn.  (More details once ticket is purchased,.)

Many Thanks

Many thanks to the following for donating and supporting us!

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a plant-based organic food & Wine bar that makes eating vegetables easier, more convenient and more enjoyable than ever.  We serve delicious, pure, plant-powered organic meals, good for your body and the planet.

Le Botaniste is the First Plant based Organic restaurant to be certified CO2 Neutral, we generate very little waste, compensate our footprint, …. 

Le Botaniste proves that operating a Restaurant can be done in a very clean and ecological way.

Sweet Lorens

Sweet Loren’s is the clean food company transforming what it means to be convenient and delicious. There is a sweet intention in every bite, to take care of yourself and others, that’s why we called it Sweet Loren’s. Every product we offer is crafted with pure, simple ingredients so that everyone — regardless of dietary restriction or lifestyle — can enjoy a delectable treat.


Local Roots


Local Roots is a community-focused marketplace for the local food movement. Our goal is to help bring food back to its “local roots” by encouraging growers and makers in all communities. Neighborhoods are the center of everything Local Roots does.



Twisted Truffles

Twisted Truffles takes the love of cake and dirties it up with a beautiful blend of naughty and nice. These bite-sized booze-infused cake balls are the ultimate garnish, packing all the joys of a perfectly blended cocktail into a handcrafted, flavor-packed treat. With a wide selection of flavors all inspired by contemporary cocktails, there’s a signature truffle for every taste. Just be sure to eat responsibly (each cake ball has up to 5% ABV and can only be eaten by those 21+).







Change Food aggregates the best of the best already working toward healthy food change, amplifies their voices through our events and programs, and advance their work and the goal of the food movement – to provide healthy, safe, delicious, fair food for ALL.  Support us today!  #changefood