Community Fridges: Fad or Forever?

Join us for “Community Fridges: Fad or Forever” – part of the pre-events leading up to the United Nations Food Summit in Sept 2021. It’s for individuals interested in or running/volunteering at a community fridge in their area. Discussion will center around current best practices as well as the future role of fridges in helping combat hunger and food insecurity post-pandemic.

Community fridges are necessary but are merely a bandaid to a global hunger crisis. Time permitting, we will also discuss ideas for what needs to be done to create a healthy food system for everyone.

Our dialogue will focus on an interactive discussion with attendees and will include breakout rooms and a brainstorming session.

Afterward, information from this event will be sent to the United Nations to help influence the 2021 UN Food Summit.

Brought to you by the cofounders of the East Village Neighbors Fridge in NYC:

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Join us!

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