Meat Labels: Natural No More Salon

On November 13th, 2014, Change Food hosted its second Salon on the confusion around the labeling of meat and meat products.

The term “natural” shows up often on meat labels, but it’s essentially meaningless. A recent national survey by Consumer Reports shows that the majority of customers are unaware of this, believing, for example, that it means that animals were provided access to the outdoors or never given anti­biotics.  None of that is true.

Meat Labels: Natural No More consisted of talks by key experts in this field, along with a guided discussion and strategy session to develop an action to stop the confusion with the term “natural”.

Speakers included:

Chuck Eggert, Founder and President, Pacific Foods
Urvashi Rangan, Consumers Union (part of Consumers Reports)
Andrew Gunther, Animal Welfare Approved
George Faison, DeBragga

Hosted by: Diane Hatz, Change Food

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