Storytelling and Food Salon

In May 2014, Change Food teamed up with Foodstand, a project of Purpose, to present “Storytelling and Food,” an event that asked the question, “What power do stories have in creating a better food system?” Foodstand is a new mobile app focused in rallying the largest good food community to support more sustainable producers around the world. Foodstand is being launched by Purpose, the social business that moves people to remake the world.

We heard from five artists working in a variety of media, each of whom shared their work and how they are using it to make people think, question, learn, or, in the words of one presenter, “re-engage with food.” After the presentations, a panel discussion explored the role of art in the food movement.

Video of the talks and panel discussion are available in the Change Food Library.

The work of these artists demonstrates the role that art can play in inspiring conversation and thought and perhaps even motivating people to make changes when it comes to their relationship with food. A picture of a doughnut set ablaze, film of seeds sprouting set to music, a poem about family and cooking and a placemat with colored squares inspired by produce and reminding you to “get your daily dose of color” may tap into emotions unlikely to be engaged by, for example, a newspaper article about nutrition.

Clearly, as Change Food’s Founder & Executive Director Diane Hatz put it while moderating the panel, art can “raise the voice of the food movement.”