Food Revolution Day 2016: More Than Just a Moment

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Learn to make an omelette, change the world. Across the globe, Jamie Oliver is known for his ability to craft delicious, fresh, and healthy recipes for all to enjoy. His passion for a more sustainable food system, which he shares through his cookbooks, his television shows, and his global campaign for better food education, inspire us to celebrate good food.

Save the DateThis year, we are excited to participate in Jamie’s Food Revolution Day – but not just for the day! Creating real change in the food system is about having the tools to make informed choices every day, and influencing those around us to do the same. We can’t wait to get started on Food Revolution Day 2016 activities, because this campaign is going full-time in order to keep the momentum going.

On May 20th, join people like yourself all over the world in celebrating the benefits of making healthier, fresher food choices and learning how to cook them. On this day, the global community will tell inspirational stories about the achievements within the food movement, as well as coming together to call attention to what still needs to be done.

On Food Revolution Day, you can also join Jamie Oliver in cooking ten delicious recipes via a live event on Facebook. These nutritious recipes act as a “Starter Pack of Cooking,” and each will cover a different kitchen skill or technique that will help even the most seasoned of cooks take their healthy eating habits, and those of their friends and family, to the next level. Make your experiences in the kitchen just a little bit healthier with these recipes, which include a lamb and chickpea curry, minestrone, roast chicken, salmon & pesto dressed veggies, veggie stir-fry, and more. You can watch Jamie’s 2010 TED Talk, during which he explores the idea of having ten recipes that can save your life, here.frd instagram quote 001 (1)

It’s on us to create an environment that encourages the cultivation, preparation, and consumption of wholesome foods for ourselves and for future generations. In addition to participating in Food Revolution Day on May 20th, you can help spread the word about this movement with your peers. In this Toolkit, you will find Jamie’s ten recipes, posters, and even information and materials for schools to get involved. We invite you to share your enthusiasm about good food by using these digital materials and hosting a Food Revolution Day event in your community.

Whether it be with your family, friends, colleagues, get together and enjoy a day of delicious foods and invaluable education. The skills and information we will learn during this Food Revolution Day celebration are not only fun, but they have the potential to change the way our future generations eat, and therefore the paths that our bodies, economies, and environment will take. Take action today by signing up on!

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