Guide 2 Good Food

The Guide 2 Good Food is your one stop place for news and information about change and changemakers in the Change Food community. Find out who’s changing the food system; discover great books to read and movies to see; explore art related to food and farming; connect with others who share your interest in providing healthy, safe, delicious food. We’re focused on the people in our community as well as those that are creating real change with our food and food system. Read on for more!

  • Inside Ideas – A conversation with Marc Buckley and Diane Hatz

    Systemic change is needed to move us to the right side of history. Marc Buckley speaks with game-changers on a mission to get us there as fast as possible. Marc is an Advocate [...]

  • July 4th – It’s Time to Grill – Veggies, that is!

    Are you planning to grill at a picnic or in your backyard this weekend – or celebrate July 4th with food?  If so, why not try this fun idea – veggie kabobs! [...]

  • The Plant Eat Share Series: Public Planting

    Growing food in public spaces has become more popular over the past few years, especially since the pandemic uncovered how serious food insecurity has become. With public [...]

  • The Plant Eat Share series: Gleaning 

    The pandemic has brought to light critical problems with food insecurity and hunger in the United States and around the world.  It’s unconscionable that a country like the [...]

  • How to Start a Community Fridge

    Change Food’s “How to Start a Community Fridge” is a step-by-step manual for anyone interested in launching and maintaining a community fridge. Inspired by author Diane Hatz’s [...]

  • Join Change Food for the National Day of Service

    Change Food® is honored to have been invited to participate in the National Day of Service for the inauguration of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris on [...]

  • Building Community and Feeding Others – Community Fridges Take Off

    This past April, 10,000 cars lined up at an emergency food distribution event hosted by the San Antonio Food Bank.  By mid-May, New York City estimated that 1 in 4 city [...]

  • The Plant Eat Share Series: Foraging

    Throughout most of history, people have foraged – they’ve gone into the woods, fields or the wild to find food.  This includes plants, fruit, nuts, herbs, mushrooms and [...]

  • 10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

    Eating a healthy diet is rewarding until the holidays arrive. Halloween is just around the corner and stores are filled to the brim with candy. Most traditional treats [...]

  • Summer End Food Ideas

    The end of summer is fast approaching, which often means barbecues, backyard parties and poolside hangouts. For the vegans out there, this may call for some extra prep on your [...]

  • Plant Eat Share – Everyone Deserves Healthy Food

    Looking for a simple solution to many of today’s problems?  Easy.  Provide communities the tools and resources they need so residents can plant food in public spaces [...]

  • How COVID-19 Is Impacting Back-to-School Diets

    It’s no secret that COVID is impacting schools, students and communities in a variety of ways. Every family has different needs, and while some families are functioning [...]