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The Guide 2 Good Food is your one stop place for news and information about change and changemakers in the Change Food community. Find out who’s changing the food system; discover great books to read and movies to see; explore art related to food and farming; connect with others who share your interest in providing healthy, safe, delicious food. We’re focused on the people in our community as well as those that are creating real change with our food and food system. Read on for more!

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Peggy Neu

    Peggy Neu, President of The Monday Campaigns, was interviewed offstage at TEDxManhattan 2014 about the enormous impact that little actions can have if undertaken collectively. [...]

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Matthew Moore

    Artist & farmer Matthew Moore of Digital Farm Collective was interviewed offstage at TEDxManhattan 2014, where he spoke about the role of art in changing the way we eat. [...]

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Andrew Gunther

    2014 speaker Andrew Gunther of Animal Welfare Approved was interviewed offstage about the organization and its certification program.  “Spend five minutes a month just [...]

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Megan Miller

    2014 TEDxManhattan speaker Megan Miller, founder of Bitty Foods, spoke to us offstage about her vision of making insects a commonly accepted protein source.  See her full talk.

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Gary Oppenheimer

    Gary Oppenheimer, Executive Director of and a 2012 TEDxManhattan speaker, was interviewed at TEDxManhattan 2014.  He talks about how enables [...]

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Sunny Young

    Sunny Young of Good Food for Oxford Schools spoke offstage at TEDxManhattan about why she loves teaching kids in Oxford, MS, to eat better.  See her brief interview or [...]

  • Offstage at TEDxManhattan: Michael Rozyne

    We conducted offstage interviews with several of the TEDxManhattan 2014 speakers.  Michael Rozyne, Executive Director of Red Tomato, spoke about the logistics of local food, [...]

  • TEDxManhattan Speakers in Zester Daily

    Change Food is contributing monthly articles to Zester Daily, the award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts.  Our first article focused on [...]

  • Change Food and Purpose Host “Storytelling and Food” Event

    Change Food recently teamed up with Foodstand, a project of Purpose, to present “Storytelling and Food,” an event that asked the question, “What power do stories have in [...]

  • Green Bronx Machine Founder Stephen Ritz on His Award-Winning Video

    Like thousands of others, filmmaker Brendan van Meter first encountered Stephen Ritz at the 2012 TEDxManhattan conference. Steve, the founder of Green Bronx Machine, gave a [...]

  • TEDxManhattan Videos Online

    The videos from TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” are now online on the TEDxManhattan YouTube Channel.  Check them out!

  • TEDxManhattan Speaker Profile: Saru Jayaraman, ROC United

    We’re introducing the 2014 TEDxManhattan speakers through a series of Q&A’s on the Ecocentric blog.  Today, we hear from Saru Jayaraman, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the [...]