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The Guide 2 Good Food is your one stop place for news and information about change and changemakers in the Change Food community. Find out who’s changing the food system; discover great books to read and movies to see; explore art related to food and farming; connect with others who share your interest in providing healthy, safe, delicious food. We’re focused on the people in our community as well as those that are creating real change with our food and food system. Read on for more!

  • Using Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout

    4 Ways to Use Veggies from Your Garden for a Fourth of July Cookout Anyone who says you need meat for a delicious barbecue has clearly never tasted some of the flavorful, [...]

  • How to Grow Your Own Food Without Pesticides and Herbicides

    Growing your vegetables without pesticides or herbicides is easier than you may think. If you are looking to start a small backyard garden, organic gardening is the best way [...]

  • Health Immunity & Food: Mitigating the Effects of COVID-19

    Change Food is pleased to be the nonprofit lead partner for “Health Immunity & Food: Mitigating the Effects of COVID-19” happening online (for free!) this [...]

  • How to Plant a Fruit Tree: An In-Depth Guide

    Nothing is quite like picking an apple or pear right from the tree and biting into its ripe, juicy flesh. Plus, partaking from your own land is even better! Growing a fruit [...]

  • Coronavirus Care

    Coronavirus and your food We hope you are safe and healthy as we all make our way through these scary, uncertain times with COVID-19 (aka coronavirus).  Even though [...]

  • How to Eat out Sustainably on Valentine’s Day

    Once you develop a routine, sustainable living can be a straightforward process. By making better decisions in your everyday life, you can make a significant impact on the [...]

  • Trump and a Trillion Trees

    On Tuesday night during the State of the Union address, President Trump declared, “To protect the environment, days ago, I announced the United States will join the One [...]

  • Trump Administration Cutting SNAP: What Does This Mean for Our Food System?

    The Trump Administration proposed three new changes to the federal SNAP food stamp program that threaten to kick millions of needy families off the assistance they need to [...]

  • Donate December – Create a Fundraiser to Support Change Food

    Did you know food is one of the biggest contributors to climate change? That issues like our global health epidemic, food insecurity, and social isolation can be solved [...]

  • How to Have a More Generative Holiday

    The holiday season is known for its tasty eats — pies, casseroles, cakes and more. Whether you’re hosting friends or eating alone, it’s great to accommodate [...]

  • Plant Eat Share this Holiday Season

    I’ve had an epiphany.  I’ve realized that we have the wrong attitude toward food.  It shouldn’t be a commodity that’s bought and sold. Food should be growing everywhere for [...]

  • Giving Tuesday 2019

    This Tuesday, December 3rd, is Giving Tuesday – one day where nonprofits all over the world reach out to the public to ask for and encourage support.  Join Change Food [...]