Guide 2 Good Food

The Guide 2 Good Food is your one stop place for news and information about change and changemakers in the Change Food community. Find out who’s changing the food system; discover great books to read and movies to see; explore art related to food and farming; connect with others who share your interest in providing healthy, safe, delicious food. We’re focused on the people in our community as well as those that are creating real change with our food and food system. Read on for more!

  • Food Day, Time to Eat Real!

    The first, and definitely not the last, Food Day will be October 24, 2011. Food Day aims to bring people from all walks of life, students, teachers, parents, health [...]

  • The Apple Project: Drink-Up to Save Farms

    Farms everywhere are struggling to survive. Faced with the mounting challenges of increased production costs, global competition, and encroaching development, it’s [...]

  • Meet Urvashi Rangan, from Consumer Reports, future speaker at TEDx Manahattan 2012

    Urvashi Rangan leads and directs the Consumer Safety and Sustainability Group for Consumer Reports. She is responsible for managing risk analysis, policy assessments, label [...]

  • Feeding Hope: Living Democracy

    In honor of the Small Planet Fund’s 10th Anniversary and the book Diet for a Small Planet’s 40th Anniversary, Frances Moore Lappe´and Anna Lappe´are celebrating by [...]

  • Meet Dr. Wallinga, future speaker at TEDx Manhattan 2012

    Physician, writer and full-time advocate, David Wallinga, M.D., represents the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) as a de facto doctor to the nation’s ailing [...]

  • Major in sustainable food, Minor in fresh, healthy and delicious

    At Guide to Good Food we are all about sharing knowledge,  we aim to provide you with everything you need to know in order to eat fresh, healthy sustainable food.  For those [...]

  • Applications are still being accepted for TEDxManhattan Challenge

    Have you been working on a project related to sustainable food and farming in your community? Want a chance to share your project with the world? Good news!  Applications are [...]

  • Two short films on the food system worth watching, Out to Pasture and Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary

    The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, in the Bloomberg School of Public Health, produced two films, Out to Pasture and Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary, in [...]

  • We’re Back!

    After a temporary hiatus, the Guide to Good Food is back! We are here to help you get to know your food. In addition, the Guide to Good Food is going to be bringing you all [...]

  • Guide to Good Food – Summer Days

    With a long weekend approaching and (hopefully!) better weather around the country, people will be heading to the beach, mountains, and various vacation areas to relax and [...]

  • Eat Local (and sustainable!)

    One of the most popular food trends in the past year or two has been local food. So why is eating local all the rage, and what can you do to be part of this growing movement? [...]

  • Know Your Food: Quick Tip

    The entire Guide to Good Food series has been developed to help you get to know your food, but here’s an easy tip to help you when shopping. This will apply mainly to grocery [...]