Happy 5th Anniversary and Change Food ReLaunch

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Happy 5th Anniversary!

Change Food

Celebrations Include a ReFocus and ReLaunch

Change Food is delighted to celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary with a relaunch and recommitment to its work and programs, as well as to announce some exciting improvements.  

Change Food is revolutionizing food and farming, from the ground up.  We aggregate the best of the best already working toward healthy food change, amplify their voices through our events and programs, and advance their work and the goal of the food movement – to provide healthy, safe, delicious, fair food for ALL.

Change Food is going back to its roots. We’re shifting our events and hosting them outside New York City. We’ll use the professionally-produced gatherings and related work as a way to raise the profile of under-recognized people and programs around the country, and we will work to build bridges and collaborations all across the food space.

Our itinerary is still a work in progress, but so far we’re planning:

  • Change Food Meets, June 13, 2018, with AgTech X in Brooklyn, NY.  Join us at our last NYC event for a while as we discuss alternative funding strategies for both companies and nonprofits
  • Change Food Fest, October 24, 2018, with Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. This event is confirmed – details soon!  
  • Change Food Meets, July 2018, Montana (in progress)
  • Change Food Meets, late 2018/early 2019, Minnesota (in progress)
  • Change Food Fest early 2019, Minnesota (proposed)
  • Change Food Fest, fall 2019, Montana (proposed)

One goal is to turn our Change Food Fest’s into destination events where people from major cities will travel to in order to build bridges and develop collaborations across all aspects of the food space. The events are also a way to bring communities together around the country, and to highlight great work being done locally.  Anyone for “The Bubble to Blue Ridge” tour in October? 

In addition to our events, Change Food is currently developing the “Eating Real with Change Food” online show about food and farming.  This 30-50 minute video series will highlight people and programs we encounter across the country, as well as to keep viewers informed of the latest news and happenings in food.

We’re also working to update the Change Food Video Library.

Want to know more?  Make sure you’ve signed up for our news and updates – everything is moving fast at Change Food, and we’ll have frequent updates as we plan and finalize events and programs around the country.  Eat well!!

Diane Hatz, Founder & Executive Director Change Food | PO Box 139, New York, NY 10276 | diane@changefood.org
917.848.1081 | www.changefood.org | @changeourfood | #changefood


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